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  1. You have to use Samsung original dialer Dark_Dialer_WVGA.cab
  2. Sorry for bad question,I have a Omnia 7 and I hate this OS:UI,app,game,rom....I wonder if any one can cook a 6.x windows mobile rom or a Android for this Omnia7?It is very usefull for me.Thank in advance!
  3. I usually flash only NBO without Eboot,CSC....but You should flash a new CSC for stable.Here is the newest CSC(JJ1) http://rapidshare.co...I8000PROJJ1.rar Pass: samfirmware.com
  4. Is this what you are looking for? http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ryzmq1wijzq
  5. May be you have to find a rom that includes chinese in csc,when you flash new rom choose Chinese in csc Or read this,may be it is usefull Omnia 2: Changing Language If your phone came with a different language pack that you don't speak, of course you will wonder "How the hell am I going to change its language?". I got the same problem when I first got my phone. Here is a quick help. Press the cube.Press the settings (cog like button, check helpful images below.)Look for a puzzle like button on the menu and press it, it is the "General Settings".At the bottom menu, you will see "Samsung TouchWiz UI" - it's not it. Choose above it, it is the language setting. There are three choices there - Local language, English, English + Local Language Input. Choose the middle one. It should show an english message confirming your selection, choose "YES". Enjoy your new Omnia 2. Helpful images: <br class="Apple-interchange-newline">
  6. 1.Some apps and games must be installed in device memory(S2U2,SPB mobile shell.....) 2,3.Your phone ram is too few because your rom and too many app installed,may be. 4,5,6 You should flash newest rom(cooked ROM,I think) and Youd better flash it on XP window Read this before flash Sorry for bad English
  7. I have flashed many other Sense 2.5 ROM but I think your ROM is very good:Candy eye,Stable...Although Id like to suggest somthing: -Can you remove something on ROM to get more ROM and RAM such as:Opera,IE,Compass,Mainmanu,My files,Registry,Shedule,search phone...may be Video editor.If any one like to use them, they can use 3rd party app -And how to change theme anh clock on Sense homepage.I tried on Theme switcher but nothing happend -Thanks for your nice ROM.
  8. So use another call record app from 3party:AutoCallRecorder,Vito audio recorder....It can record any call you make with quality as you choose
  9. here you are.The latest original rom for O2:JJ1 http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...are-i8000nxjj1/
  10. I installed S2U2 2.43,it has vibration feedback when connect and no need to install any other app.
  11. Any special version of the CHT ? I tried with the 1.85 and it hangs the phone. Regards. The newest ver is CHT 2.0 final,you can find it in XDA forum.I installed and it work well
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