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  1. Is there no S7 forum ? I have 2 S7 phones ... and recently find although my contacts are there - the phone numbers are not. I have not deleted the numbers - but for many of the contacts, the numbers are no longer there? Running Android 7.0
  2. I have found an issue with camera on my S7… maybe its settings, but could be a bug, and the issues may be related. SM-G930F running 6.0.1 Firstly … if I set it to save as RAW file (my preference) … I can do this OK, via camera>mode/Pro>settings However, if you exit camera … when you next go into camera it has defaulted to standard mode & jpeg Can I set it to ‘lock to RAW mode’ Secondly .. in camera>settings I have Storage Location set as SD card. However any pictures taken in RAW mode are saved in device storage ….. this is a particular issue as RAW files are larger and I need the SD card space for this.
  3. Found out this is a deliberate removal of the widget by Facebook as it bypassed advertisements .... they want you via Front door only. Would seem ideal opportunity for someone to write a widget.
  4. I have a Galaxy S6 ... FB does not come pre-loaded. GT-I9505 running 5.0.1 For no apparent reason during the day (i.e not been a reboot) my Facebook widget (4x3) disappeared. Assume FB updated itself ... seems to do this more than any other app. And no FB widgets show in widget list. Checked that FB not installed on SD card. Removed FB, reboot, installed FB ... no difference. FB - the app is working OK, just no widgets.
  5. S5 model SM-G900F running 5.0 While it charges OK from AC adapter … when I connect it via a USB lead to a PC I have issues. The phone status shows: Status: Charging Plugged; True Yet continues to discharge … for example watching phone now… its plugged into PC at this point at it has dropped form 51% to 49% since plugging into the PC. Putting phone into flight mode while slowing down discharge rate, still does not allow it to charge. The PC port & cable are known to be good as they charge my S4 with no problem.
  6. simple Q ... how do you get it out ? .... previoulsy a push and it would click out ...
  7. Anybody out there using an S5 .... just need an answer to this simple Q ..... can't see how to get SIM out which might mean phone is faulty
  8. I have a GS4 running 4.4.2 This week took delivery of a GS5 also running 4.4.2 The look & feel is totally different ... I appreciate the GS5 will have superior processor better camera, fingerprint reader etc, ... However can I get the GS4 UI to look and behave like the GS5 ? .... the new phone has so many things that works differently ... I would like to have same way of working on both phones.
  9. Today Galaxy S5 arrived ... On my previous S, S2 & S4 the SIM would slide into place and then a little push to 'click' it into located position. To remove ... press again and it would click back out .. and you could then grip the protruding SIM and remove. On the S5 it slid into place but without any click ... and to remove it was very difficult to slide out ... Is this correct ?
  10. Occasionally I want to watch streamed from phone onto TV. Advised not to just use HDMI lead as HDMI output & charging socket are same and you need to keep power to phone during playback. On advice I bought genuine Samsung Video adapter EPL-3FHUBEGSTD this has a socket for charger ... The video/Audio plays fine to TV so that side of things great, but the whole purpose of adapter is not working ... it does not charge phone (or even power from adapter) during use ..... Is there any firmware code or similar needed to allow this ? Charger is genuine Samsung one and works fine Phone is S4 GT I950S running 4.4.2 no hacking or rooting carried out - standard phone.
  11. Had S1 & S2, now got myself an S4. Think I have messed up Calendar, previously used Touchdown, but not using it on this phone. I installed 'S planner' and it gives views & functionality needed. The problem is it has syncd with all my Facebook contacts, so have hundreds of birthdays imported. How can I clear these ... they wont delete. I thought a workaround would be to use another Calendar app .. tried Goggle Calendar ....but it has copied all the entries. Under device general settings > accounts it did have "Sync Apps with Facebook" enabled which I assume is the cause ... I have set to to 'sync disabled' Still won't allow me to delete any of the Facebook 'birthday' reminders it has filled my calendar with. Is there a way to reset (empty) the calendar ?
  12. It does not appear in Dev Mngr (W7) Where is "USB debugging" in settings, I can't find it .. used to know where it was on previous releases. I have since found a fix .... but still need to check USB Debugging as you advise. I removed & reinstalled KIES, manually installed Driver (form Samsung website) it connected to phone, loaded driver .. and worked, up to point when I tried to load some audio then usual "driver failed to install" message. However KIES also threw up a message this time .... that it does not support device and I need KIES 3 ... Installed that and all works fine.
  13. Previously used KIES with S2 and always connected OK .... now bought S4. Plug in Galaxy S4 ... not detected by Windows ... but phone does 'bing' that it is charging. Start KIES .. plug in S4 ... same ... nothing appears in 'my computer' Try from KIES - "Troubleshoot connection error" remove cable then press 'start' States "reinstalling KIES device driver" .... after a while see the sys tray - "installing Device Driver Software" then that changes to "Device driver software was not successfully installed "no driver found" Reinstalled KIES - same results Then tried manual approach downloaded driver from Samsung .. v1.5.33 It commences install, then the same as above ... starts installing .... then error that its not successful. That is even just on driver install, no phone attached
  14. OK .. been on an S2 until 2 days ago, bought a new S4 I950S (UK on Vodafone) Impressed that initially on boot up, once I gave it my android account name it loaded all my apps ... big improvement to previous upgrade experience. It has been downloading and installing upgrade packs over past few days ... last night it went to 4.2.2 After reboot it seemed to hang for ages (>20mins) .... eventually it did boot up had error messages that file did not complete .. and found most of my home page icons missing. Plus kept complaining that DRIVE was not synchronized. Rebooted again ...... then had another msg it was upgrading Android system. I manually Recreated most of my home page icons ..... but can't find the 'blue' teardrop one that is used for GPS directions ? (part of Google nav) It does not appear in apps or widgets ........ should it still be there ? ... if not where do I now get GPS directions from ? As something went wrong with KitKat upgrade, can I force a 're-upgrade' or roll back and do again ?
  15. Only happened recently ... on my Samsung SG2 mobile phone. GT-I9100 running 4.1.2 no customization When I go to Playstore I can't get any updates or new Apps it tells me my Google account is not logged in. I go to accounts ... and my Google accounts says sync error against my @Googlemail account but the @gmail account is sync'ing fine. (Neither are used for email) When I go the Google App it has 'Sign in' button at top right ... when I click on it, the Login window showing gmail account opens but as soon as I click on password field it closes widow and goes back to main Google screen. Same is I slect Sign in from left hand menu Error seemed to coincide with the time I changed pwd on my youtube account. Where do I need to go to update password?
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