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  1. I have a question about unlocking on this ROM. I have given this phone to my uncle and it turned out that it was still locked on Vodafone. He has given me the IMEI number, so I can purchase the unlock code, but I was wondering what will need to be done in order to unlock it, as he is not getting a screen to enter the code but only a message that the sim is incompatible.
  2. Hi SilentBtDeadly, Just to confirm, you have tried applying the updated, it failed and you no longer get the notifications? Thanks, Anton.
  3. ... And, what happens if I install official 4.1.2 update on top of jr7? Thanks!
  4. Hi Paul, When do you think a prebake of jr8 will be available? Thanks, Anton.
  5. Hi guys, I am currently on jr5 and wanted to go up to jr6. If I apply the update, will I lose the data? Thanks, Anton.
  6. Hi! Do I need to wipe data to update from r2a lite to r3a lite or can I just flash? Thanks, Anton.
  7. I would have to agree on the sluggish interface. I have used iPhone 3Gs before Blade and this is probably why this phone seems a little slow to me. Scrolling and zoom in a browser is quite slow. I have tried a few browsers and figured that Dolphin non-HD is the smoothest, but decided to stay with Opera Mini, which to me feels the fastest. Returning to the home screen is choppy sometimes especially if you are returning from an app. It's a good phone and I still can't believe it costs £99. I do actually think that the sluggishness is the software issue in general rather than the hardware, so I am hoping to see better results with 2.2. I am very pleased with the phone in general and would have paid £200 for it easily. p.s. Running on Seb's R5 ROM
  8. It did save everything. I am getting the weird lines on the left too. Not seeing any improvement to tell you the truth.
  9. OK! Got it. I wasn't rooted as it turns out. So, should I be expecting performance improvements and where would it be noticeable most? :P
  10. I think I am mounted as r/w or at least it says so at the top of the screen. Still, if I change the value to 1 and reboot, it returns back to 0.
  11. OK, so I used the Root explorer to edit build.prop but when I rebooted debug.sf.hw is back at 0. I guess I am missing the "mount as read and write (r/w)". How do I do that? Thanks!
  12. Thanks! How do I know if I am rooted? Sorry, it's only me 4th day using Android after 4 years of iPhone :P
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