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  1. I have this phone but it's an EDI-AL10 I don't suppose this rom will work with this? EDIT: of course it won't, mine is the Honor Note 8, not the Honor 8 The rooting method worked fine :) Shame really as there is so little updates for the Honor Note 8
  2. They all look nice, ,but with my eyes I need a larger phone do you know of any "chinese" decent phones with 5.5-6.5" screens
  3. Ignore I finally found out where to install the mobile rescue me app its in tiny writing on the login page for the insurance.. where you wouldnt look unless it was already installed Now I just got to try and find where to get an Authorisation code from
  4. Has anyone got either a copy of the STOCK rom used by VirginMedia (UK) OR A copy of the mobile rescue app they ship with the rom? I flashed the Modaco one without doing the backup and cant find anywhere to download the mobile rescue app with I must have installed or the insurance is invalidated Or anyone know where to get the ODIN version of the rom that I can flash? Thanks Lewis
  5. Go into your settings and change the keyboard settings to English UK
  6. Anyone know how to root I9100XXKP8_I9100OXAKP8 Android 4.0.3 or any ideas on how to root it? Superoneclick doesn't work
  7. Yes I believe you can (not tried though) I ran it with the standard Miui screen for over a week to check the battery and yesterday I put Launcherpro on it now it is as fast as the miui it is, and has the standard android look with a great launcher as well
  8. Yes stock battery and syncing all turned on, wifi on all the time as well. The only thing turned off is gps, I turn it on when using maps and off otherwise I also have been using the phone quite a bit, playing some games, downloading from the market and using the internet using wifi
  9. I charged it and restarted the phone to do a proper test so far with everything syncing all the time so far it's been on 40hrs 16 mins and I have 48% left
  10. I'm Really impressed with this rom, the battery literally last for days and i've got everything syncing Facebook every half hour, and facebook messenger is running all the time the same as gtalk
  11. Yah hopefully someone can do something to make the Galaxy S2 even more spectacular now Thanks for the new
  12. I've never use MIUI before but it seems pretty good, its a lot different to the standard Android I've been used to, but the battery life seems really good so far.
  13. Has anyone else tried this rom? http://galnetmiui.co.uk/landing/ics-builds/ I installed it last night and so far I'm loving it Its based in Android 2.3.7 but has parts of ICS in it as well
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