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  1. Sumvision Cyclone Voyager. Available in 7", 8" and 10". 8" is the best in my opinion. Dual core 1.6Ghz, quad core Mali processor, Jelly Bean. 1Gb ram and 16Gb flash. Got an 8" for the wife and she can't put it down. Going to get one myself. Get it at ebuyer. The 8" is like an Ipad mini, but has more processing power and memory. I got one of these http://product.i-mob...i-mobile-iq-5.1 in Thailand a couple of weeks ago. 5.3" screen 1,2Ghz quad core cpu, 12Mp back camera, 2mp front camera, 1Gb memory, dual sim, 4Gb internal flash, Jelly Bean and about 160 quid. So the G300 is going on ebay.
  2. Something strange about playing around with the power settings: wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=150 pm.sleep_mode=1 ro.ril.disable.power.collapse=0 The last one had a strange affect on my battery charging. Basically it won't charge/the charging percent doesn't increase. I commented it out for now. Anyone else see that? The pm.sleep_mode setting: I wonder if its better to use something like Juice Defender to manage it. I suspect an app like this will manage the battery better? Battery usage increases quite considerably with it set on. I know power management versus features is a fine balancing act! When I worked at ARM they used to say they could make you a super fast processor for you phone; the challenge is to do that AND give good battery performance!
  3. That did the trick! Thanks Cyda. Its a big download Pimpmyrom. Went for Tools->Init.d support->Activate.
  4. Strange, my init scripts stopped working yesterday after upgrading busybox. On boot, the mount for link2int is not setup. If I run it later, no apps are picked up. Anyone know how to fix/debug init.d? :angry2:
  5. You need to install link2int just after R6 from CWM recovery. Think its mentioned somewhere. I am still happy on R5. Looking forward to buying one of these in 4 weeks time: http://product.i-mobilephone.com/preview/53/1129. 6000 baht in Thailand (about 135 quid).
  6. I experienced the same thing. I am also back on R5 and happy. I tried the R5 to R6 upgrade a couple of times to be sure, making sure cache and dalvik caches were cleared. R5 rocks for me !
  7. spicysomtam

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    Finally got to end of the posts! If you like Windows you should get a Windows Phone ;-) Fantastic ROM. However for me I suffered a freeze and had to pull the battery. Then some shenanigans with touch screen not responding (including missing a call on Line). I need my phone too much so flicked back to Infusion. Looking forward to R2 :-)
  8. Sometimes its worth a try. Otherwise GoBackup is the way to go. It probably worked because Lightening and my original from are based on the same build? Sorry about the late reply; been busy with work all week.
  9. Flashed 1st version over infusion b07 without a wipe. Followed instructions for super use, etc. Only problem encountered was android keyboard force closing. So disabled Android keyboard in apps, rebooted,deleted data for Android keyboard and re enabled,then rebooted again and all was OK. Runs very fast and seems very stable. Can we have circular battery and reboot recovery?
  10. What would you do for apps? We are so spolit with the number of apps in the Play Store...
  11. Been running this #19 kernel a week now. Observations is it doesn't reboot randomly and the battery is amazing. Can I hazard a guess that the battery lasts twice as long as the standard 3.0.8 kernel? Using INFUSION B05. Recon tillaz should include your kernel in his INFUSION build :)
  12. This is not the first time I have come across an ICS device that has a large internal additional memory that is not used; my girlfriends tablet has the same issue. So the G300 has a 2Gb internal drive that is not used for anything? Seems a waste? My gf's tablet has an 8Gb internal device that has the same issue. Surely it makes sense that this large drive is used for something? Andriod tells me that since I switched to the SD card for storage, switching to the internal storage will cause all sorts of issues. Seems poorly thought out? Maybe I am just being a dummy and don't understand how to use it? Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated. Maybe there is a super app out there that sorts all of this out and makes it a breeze?
  13. spicysomtam

    Original factory ROMs from Huawei

    I am running this and its very stable. Standby battery is amazing. I must add that I upgraded via the upgrade option on the phone, rather than CWM, etc.
  14. Thought Jelly Bean runs kernel 3.1? According to a wiki page JB gives Andriod a buttery experience. Just visual affects for the interface. This probably means it will make your phone slower...
  15. Just wondered: why have you not updated the build to B893? Seems a little faster than B888 (less lags). Just bought a new G300 and the stock rom seems pretty good (there was an online upgrade, which I did). Not much Vodaphone junk in it either. On the whole, not bad for a cheap phone. Andriod is getting much better out of the box (or maybe its Huawei?)! Have not tried ICS; some folks have issues and I havn't really the time to mess around with the upgrade. So will stick with GB for now.

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