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  1. Excellent work with this ROM so far guys. I've come from B888 and it's working great. I have one query though, is there any way to get the built in ICS app switcher working with this? Don't see the button (2 squares) like I had on the OSF ROM.
  2. Lost my first g300 last week. Ordered a replacement off the Vodafone website and the phone arrived today. The box had a Vodafone pay as you go sticker on the front but the phone was unlocked! :) The box I got with the phone a couple of weeks ago didn't have the Vodafone pay as you go sticker on the front
  3. I had the same thing happen on my phone last week. The blob appeared in the same position as in the image you posted, the phone had been in my pocket as well. When I tried pressing on the blob it got bigger and stretched out to the edges of the screen, like when you try to flatten out a screen protector. Fiddled around with it for a while and it eventually went away. Just a pity I ended up losing the phone a few days later! :(
  4. I ordered the phone last Friday and got the same text message at 13.00 today saying the order had been cancelled. Placed another order 10mins later and have just got a text message/email to say my phone will be delivered tomorrow :D
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