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  1. I'm posting this in general as it may be more of an EMUI thing, but this morning, ALL my homescreen icon settings, folders, widgets etc had been lost. It doesn't seem to have had an overnight update as far as I can tell, and fortunately, I was able to do a restore from my "homescreen icons" backup of two weeks ago. But, this is a bit odd from a phone that has behaved itself well for a year, and I'm wondering if it's a sign of impending doom? By the way, sometimes I've caught my phone rebooting itself in the middle of the night - is this normal?
  2. If it's any consolation, I got another email from haveibeepwned to alert me that I'm one of the 37 million affected by the data breach from 2012 which was dumped this month. So it's not just you!
  3. Thanks Paul. I'm cool with remaining here - from what you're saying, it sounds like today is the first you've known about it, hence why no email. Anyway, I'll wait and read the statement.
  4. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ just notified me that my account here has been pwnd. Now, these things happen and I have a pretty strong, unique password here (now changed again). But I've been back through gmail and I see no email notification of this? Was there an alert sent out at the time? And shouldn't the site have forced a password change on me when I logged in today, as I last updated the password in 2014.
  5. Posting this here as there are about 4 posts a year in the HTC Evo 3D specific forum! When I press the camera button on the side, it takes exactly 2 minutes to start the camera, but then everything in the camera is instant. When I go to make a phone call, it takes 2 minutes before it starts the phone dialling. if I try again and again, each phone call starts 2 minutes after I first tried it, but I can hang up instantly. If I press the brightness button, it responds after 2 minutes. If I go into settings, then brightness, it responds immediately. Every keypress has instant haptic feedback. The battery is now running out within 3 hours but the phone is not getting hot. I've cleared all the caches. The only odd thing is that the "news and weather" service seems to be using 3gb data/month, which is ridiculous for something that updates 3 sections every hour. When I look at battery usage, by far the highest is "display", but I don't have any live wallpaper active. When I look at task manager, only a few things are running, but every 10 seconds or so, something random will start, appear at the top of the list, then stop again. I've got 280Mb RAM free and 15Gb uSD card free. I haven't installed anything dodgy lately. I've run a virus scan. I haven't installed any new apps lately. Time for a hard reset maybe? Just wondering if Carbon backs up save game data (like Ski Safari :) Or is there any other app that will give me a better idea of why there's a delay?
  6. So, I did the official HTC update over wi-fi a few days ago, and rebooted. Now showing: Android Version 4.0.3 HTC Sense version 3.6 Software version 3.28.401.1 I got a text warning from Tesco that "Unlimited" actually meant "1Gb" and I'd gone well over. I popped my 3 SIM in, and put a data usage monitor on. Another 2 days later and 3 warned me that I was close to my 1Gb limit. Bear in mind my normal month of 3g usage has never gone above 500Mb before, somehow it burned through nearly 2Gb of 3g in one week. Then there's the wifi usage... Then my memory card was full, so I cleared out over 1Gb of temp files using the "free space" setting. The spinning "refresh" was on literally all the time, and the phone is getting hot and battery life is a few hours. The only thing I can was different was that I said "yes" to a 30 day trial of HTC premium navigation and I seemed to have an unwanted copy of Ireland and France maps totalling over 1Gb which I deleted again. Now, once again, I have over 500Mb of temp files. Have a look at these images - does something look a little wrong here? What the heck is Android OS doing using 1.89Gb on Wifi and another 676Mb of my mobile data? ... ...
  7. So, um, yeah, after months of trying to get hold of it, I finally put Ice Cream Sandwich on my Blade. It still freezes sometimes...
  8. Well, I took a punt, it arrived in 9 days, even came with a free multi adaptor plug. Yes, that's 2 batteries, a charger, a "UK to multi" adaptor and postage from Hong Kong, for £6.93. And the batteries seem to hold a good charge and haven't even exploded yet. Got to admit, I could get into this "buying from China" lark. The only time I did it before was when I needed a screen protector and I heard about mistranslation and thought "I've GOT to get myself that packaging", and sure enough, I did! Worth every penny, I'm sure you'll agree...
  9. What DID you think I meant?! It's 5pm - time for a break and Marmite on toast. Hence the Lurpak, innit :)
  10. +1's all round - thanks for some useful ideas. Only just seen all the replies as I seem to have trouble with email notifications from this particular forum. Anyway... Yeah, sounds interesting - but I'd still have an old phone with no guarantee. If it was, say, a £400 phone out of guarantee, I'd certainly go for that. That's actually quite an interesting idea, and one which I didn't even think to look into as mobile batteries used to be ridiculously expensive. What do people think about this item, which is 2x1500mAh batteries and a charger, posted from Hong Kong for about £7? Under the postage VAT level, so might be worth a punt? Or do these things have a tendency to explode? I could get a single 1250mAh battery from Liverpool for £3.99, but I can wait the postage time from China as I can still just charge the phone. Yeah, Mrs Toast has the same phone, she's tried putting hers in my worn out slot, it didn't work, then things just got a bit weird. Pass the Lurpak...
  11. My ZTE Blade has had a good innings - bought October last year, the screen is cracked (but useable) at the top, and it's spend a fair few hours bouncing around in my pocket gently irradiating my testicles or nearly melting with heat on the dashboard as it guides me to my destination. But now, the charging socket has almost totally died. It's gone all wobbly - too much use has caused it to become slack and worn. This is why I call my phone Kerry Katona now. Anyhoo, if I tape the charging cable at exactly the right angle, I can just about get a charge overnight, but satnav is now a no-go. Is it worth even trying to repair this? Or what next if not? To be honest, £99 for 13 months of phone isn't too bad. But I don't want to be spending > 200 on the next one, and I'd want SIM-free to use with my most excellent and satisfactory £10/month lots of everything Tesco SIM.
  12. So when I tried to install GSF on a new phone, and the second file said "error" as it scrolled up the list, then when I turned it off, nothing happened, ever, no lights, no buzz, USB not recognised by PC ... what's the term for that?
  13. More info - both phones have the beta version of Swype. In all other respects, the phone, version, make and build of CM7 is indentical. In addition to one of them needing to be connecting to either a PC or charger to get past the big boot android, on that same phone, Swype uninstalls itself after each reboot. All other apps are OK.None have been moved to SD. Strange, eh?
  14. ZTE Blade OLED 2nd gen - had old CM7 from July on there, then had Ginger Stirfry (RIP), at which point just occasionally it would stick at the Big Green Android. Now I've put the latest CM7 on it, although the rest of the phone is all good, roughly 4 out 5 times it won't boot. Randomly, I discovered that if it was plugged into the PC, it boots just fine, every single time. Unplug from PC, try a reboot, and it's back to endless battery removal until it randomly works. I notice that "enable USB debugging" is turned on if that makes any difference. I don't work to turn it off in case it's that which is bringing the phone to life. The strange thing is, both our phones have the same history. I've wiped every single cache and partition before installing the new CM7, and again yesterday and a complete re-install, but this "stuck on boot screen" persists. In that I don't want to lug a tower PC and UPS battery round the London underground with me(!) in case my phone needs a reboot, is there any way of diagnosing/fixing this? Yes, I've seen loads of other posters with stuck boot screens, but most are fixed by a re-install, and none that I can find seem to enjoy this magic USB fix.
  15. I also liked GSF, but I was using CM7 from July, so perhaps a more recent version might work better. Gonna have to blow GSF out for now, as it seems really odd but both mine and my girlfriends phones lost the personalised shortcut screens on the same day, hers also doesn't have back button or screen lock now, mine does. I see a couple of people here talking about CMN but I couldn't find any reference to it on this forum. Is it another version of CM7? And if so, what is the difference?
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