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  1. Wifi tethering still does not work with the patch, stays on "turning on"
  2. Any idea if wifi hotspot is fixable? .. it seems even Barnicle wont work now .. should be an easy fix since it works in all other cm7 rom's.. you spoken to tilal who fixed it when it was broken on his cm7?
  3. That's the notification led, you sure you don't have notifications or your low on battery?
  4. Anyone know chinese?, does the original dev update this rom?, its a great.. Just would be so much better fully fixed:. Tethering, notification themeing, dialer, miui settings
  5. Tried it, link2SD does not work, going back to ice armor 2 which is fantastic
  6. Well atleast the main rom is allot smoother, so it seems YouTube and camera may never work unless you get libs & camera drivers that have yet to be released? Edit : you muppet lol
  7. Can someone give YouTube a test to see if the video still lags in the new build :-)
  8. You could just use ice armor 2 and a touchwiz cm7 theme
  9. So the only thing not working now is camera ,native tethering, full hardware acceleration, & link2sd? Sent from my Skate using Tapatalk
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