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  1. Help Please , I have a Mpai i9500 , great bit of kit , it's my back up phone to my galaxy s4 , the headphones that came with the Mpai I9500 are pretty rubbish to be honest but they do work , remote , mic and earphones. I would like to use a better pair of headphones I have tried my Samsung galaxy s4 headphones and a cheap android compatible pair from eBay on the phone the sound works for listening to music , BUT the mic does not work and the remote buttons do not work...... The Mpai i9500 is running android 4.2.2 , I have had a look for a headset app for perhaps re-configuring headsets , but I've not really found anything that is made to fix the problem. Does anyone know of a solution via a app or a link to a compatible set of headphones.......if required , I would be happy to root the phone if required. TIA :)
  2. Just wondering , as i about to buy a new one today....do i need to run the phone first , or can i pretty much just run through the instructions online and hey presto fingers crossed all will be fine ?
  3. I was looking forward to the release of the zte Skate , but really i think the specs of the phone are a let down , i was a avid fan of the zte blade , only selling my blade (oled) as the release date for the Skate fast approached , after reading the specs , i decided on a 2nd user few weeks old ebay samsung galaxy 1 , i think ultimatly i made the right choice , it cost me 170 for the samsung , i recieved , 125 after all the fees for my blade, so it was a cheap step up. its a shame the Skate is not the bargin the Zte Blade was.
  4. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/htc-desire-payg-black-brown-179-99-10-top-up-orange-store-possible-discount/999258
  5. or if you are UK based, buy the HTC desire on Orange pay as you go for 179.99
  6. lol , no , it was for Nash , the ebay seller of poo phones . I've bought a samsung galaxy mint 2nd user only 3 weeks old.....i was going to buy a samsung galaxy 2 , but i decided i would leave enough spare cash to buy a zte skate also if want to :) but first i am going to see what the reviews say and of course price is important , if the zte skate is indeed 230.00 , i think i will just stick with the galaxy but if it is around 150 and it gets good reviews etc , i will jump on board for one , as i have totally enjoyed the zte blade experince it has been a lesson in andorid :)
  7. wow thats pretty bad really , but what the end user/buyer does not know , does not hurt them i guess!!!
  8. Really ??!?! that is good news , lets hope they confirm a 4.3 oled screen also :) that would make this phone a real winner (subject to price of course) Zte set the bargin buy bar very high with the wonderful Blade , so lets hope they top it with this phone , looking forward to it :)
  9. I have a zte blade and i think its a great fone , i was a early adopter so i have a OLED version , i think the phone with a good custom rom on it , is amazing , value for money.......i'm looking forward to the release of the zte skate........but based on its likely specs , led screen , 800mhz , maybe full working flash and the price likely to be around £139.99 - 169.99 , depending on how they decided to price. I kind of cant help but think........what should i buy given the choice of a Brand new zte skate or a clean good quality 2nd user Samsung galaxy i9000 (ebay around 150 - 170 ish) if the zte skate comes out with a OLED screen , then that would push me towards the zte skate with little of no decision required or led screen at around 119.99 , subject to reading a couple of reviews etc..... So which would you buy ?!?! New Skate or Used Samsung Galaxy i9000
  10. So , big question , did they finally decide which processor they are going to use ? i noticed it is 800mhz , is this the same processor as use in the blade , but running at 800mhz ?
  11. thank you for the replies shame about usb tethering Thank you for the advice on the usb mode..................LOL i had not bothered to pull down on the usb icon and accept !!!!!!!!! DOH :)
  12. Help please 1) how do i teether my phone via usb to my computer (i've installed zte drivers) 2) on my last rom swedish 5 , in the settings there was a option for USB mode , but i cant seem to see that in this rom , how do i put my phone in usb mode , so i can copy and move files from my computer to phone etc.
  13. its a shame nobody produced a bigger capacity battery for the blade , even one where it made it bigger at the back of the phone, perhaps adding a new back cover , although the blade battery is okay , it is one of its weakneses
  14. hi , i'm currently running a zte blade (rom 2.3.4) great little phone , but i'm finding the bulit in sip application heavy going on the battery. I'm happy to buy another phone or a cheap older 2nd phone , but what in peoples experinces have been the most reliable smart phone for sip connection (incoming calls) and battery efficient , or is there a very battery efficient app for andrioid that wont drain my battery on 3g or wifi quickly ? i'm finding on wifi i lose around 5 percent a hour when setup for incoming sip calls , and around 12% a hour when setup for incoming on 3g..... i run my sipgate connection through pbxes.org which i'm told should make things a bit more efficent , does this mean i can lose the stay alive connection ? would this save battery if i lenghten the time on this ? Help and advice most welcomed ;)
  15. thank you for the reply , i had hopes it would allow me to use firefox , but like you say its not great anyway...i have all other browsers , i think i have a browser app addiction ;)
  16. thank you , i never thought of that ;) i had like 7 backups on my 16gb sd card , i've just got 2 now :P
  17. very nice looking , is it made by zte ? any idea if orange have got the zte skate yet ? and named it ?
  18. i'm keen to know what they are going to call this phone in the U.K ? other than zte skate , i'm torn between the idea of buying a zte skate or a samsung galaxy 2 , i know they are poles apart spec wise , but with this been called a Skate and me been a bit of a cheap Skate , its kinda going to suit my needs. i have to say i had my hands on a samsung galaxy 2 yesterday.....WOW its amazing.
  19. hmmmm looks a bit odd ! cant see how the phone would be useable with that sticking out of the side of the phone connected to the usb port for charging ?!?!??! or have i got the whole concept wrong ?
  20. hmmm would this work when trying to download say firefox in the marketplace ? is the gameloft fix already present in the v5 install ?
  21. Hi , i've never quite managed to find the backups for clockwork , i want to just keep the last one , but i have around 7 on there at present , are they on my memory card ? or do i need to go into clockwork recovery and delete from there ? TIA ;)
  22. Hmm I wonder if its the wifi driver? Any chance of a link to the v4 wifi driver
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