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  1. Kada udjem u fastboot i ikljucim kabal nece da mi nikako instalira drivere nema kakve nisam probavao i sta nisam ali beuspjesno, mozes li ikako pomoci ili bilo ko u pitanju je win 7 64bit. hvala
  2. Please help me, I do like you says all, but when i take 4 it says ADB conection reset wait until reset something like that and window just close and nothing then.I have the same problem with root but i root it with program Z4Mod root. I use windows 7 64bit. what i need to do. Please help
  3. try with this its work for me. Download Z4Root.
  4. i tried both metods but not work on my i cant root. please help anyone. thank you
  5. I run it on the pc but no reboot only usb conection restart and nothing, after few times it will restart but cant start, stays on logo android and i must batery pul out to turn of.
  6. My phone wont reboots, why i cant root? everthing is ok but not reboots and nothing then.
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