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  1. Hi, my Galaxy foll up side down and the screen is broken ;( Phone is still functional so I want to replace the screen. I do not have the time and skills to do it myself. Does somebody know a reliable repair shop on-line or in Norfolk area (United Kingdom)?
  2. I do not know about Vodaphone Galaxy, I think that the phone maybe wrong: try to change it. If not possible, I would confirm if your phone is slow because of Hardware or Vodaphone crap bloatware before roorting etc.. If you can manage to get your "vodaphone stock rom" from samfirmaware or similar. You can flash a anotehr stock/custom rom with odin - this does not means to root. Then you can flash back again the "vodaphone stock rom" if you need. Hope thsi makes sense.
  3. The internal phone storage will be only used for your apps and android stuff.....in 1.85GB you coudl install hundreds if not a thousand of apps... Your pictures and download stuff will be stored in the internal SD card by default; you coudl also store data in external SD card. Installed in the internal or external Sd card is posible but pointless, performance of the phone may be reduced, widgets bot workings, etc..
  4. The best way to root a galaxy is to flash CF-root kernel: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=788108 It is the stock kernerl + root, Su, Busy box and clokcMod recovery. You could also root flashing a custom room. You have to undo any lagfix, I mean file systme needs to be on RFS. This is quite easy, depends how did you apply the lagfix (voodoo, colckworkmod, etc..)
  5. NOt know much about CM7 in galaxy S. But there is an app called Watchdog that monitor app CPU usage , and may be usefull to check if some app is getting out of control in you phone.
  6. Less be fair: with Gingerbread there is no big problem with RFS files, and the android 2.3 battery bug happens only to some people. Any case, custom rom may improve phone perfomance..which is already very good with stock sammsung rom. This probably will be better with the offical 2.3.4.
  7. Maybe there is a problem with the "proxymity sensor". If it is software related, a recalibration or flashing a new rom would solved. If it is hardware problem, it means the phone needs to be repair. There are some apps in the market (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.mtorres.phonetester) that could help you to detect these problems. GPS faulty, bad speaker, broken button,...maybe...bu I would not buy a phone that does not turn on the screen: no screen - no phone :) Good luck!
  8. I think I will try soon the "official" 2.3.4....http://androidcommunity.com/original-galaxy-s-gingerbread-2-3-4-update-leaks-20110610/
  9. Hi all, just want to share a few experiences of my new Galaxy S. After using my great "rare" OLED San Francisco ZTE Blade (soon in EBAY :P ) I am hook to android. So I decide to get a more powerful device. Defy and Desire were close targets, but a recent offer and the 4" AMOLED screen made buy the Galaxy S. It is fast mate ;) I am amazed with the speed you get wifi reconnection, browsing and installing apps. Phone looks is pretty cool although plastic material feels fragile. I think that volumen is difficult to access sometimes, and mine is a bit loose although perfectly working . Camera quality is superb but position could be also improved - is quite easy to cover the lens with your finger. Any case, there had to be room for a galaxy S II :D Conclusion: the blade is the best value for money, but the galaxy worth it high price. QUESTIONS: I came from the Blade community were the 1st thing to do is to change to stock firmware, but I found that the galaxy one is pretty good. I installed launcher pro but the stock launcher is cool as well. Does some body would recommend a good custom room? Why? I am going to try to update to Gingerbread using Kies; I think all my data-apps will be erased. Is there any way made a back up without rooting? I would like to root the device to use Titanium and a few other good apps but I am scare of breaking the warranty. Is there any way to un root the galaxy?
  10. I flashed over "JGM Software GingerFLB" (GEN1-OLED San Fran) and wifi did not wrok at all! :D Does it work/improves anything on "JGM Software GingerFLB"?
  11. Hi, That-guy, Paul , Flb...and other new owners of the U8800: How is the battery life compared to other android phones? and phone call quality? I am asking these questions, because my great disapointing with the Blade are these factors. The Blade is a superb smartphone for its price in my opinion but just an mediocre phone.
  12. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/samsung-ga...0-top-up/947101 Deal expired 3 June 2011
  13. You can set the autokiller to "system default". Did you restore the Yahoo app (or dat) with Titanium or any similar app? Try to install from market, and if the problem persist: wipe cache/reset data and reinstall the rom again - it's a bit of a pin but sometimes solve specific issues. In the mean time you could use K9 mail or other client to check yahoo. ( iuse it for yahoo and no prob at all)
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