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  1. Sorry decpvr, but I don't have a spare SD card to try it with and anyway, the last time I removed my SD card I had to re-install most of my apps as they lose cohesion for some reason. Also, I don't know how to use Paragon exFAT. Is it possible for me to install it and test without needing to wipe my SD card. If so, I'll gladly try for you. If you want it just for the ability to place large video files on the SD card, couldn't you just split them into more than 1 part...
  2. I rooted mine for one reason only, so that I could use 'FolderMount'. The actual space available on these tablets is only about 9Gb. I too have a 64Gb Card. I have several games that use over 1Gb, (Bards tale actually uses about 3Gb), and because of the SD card limitations with out root, I'd only be able to have maybe two of these games installed. As it stands with 'FolderMount', I have around 20Gb of games, installed and YES I do play everyone of them from time to time. Why does the settings section have a 'move to SD card' when it only moves about 5-10% of the app info in most cases? The only issue I've had since rooting, (and it may be a coincidence), is that the clock now loses time very rapidly, around 10 minutes an hour. Not a massive issue to me as I don't rely on it at all, I just reset it once a day when I remember.
  3. DevBrad, I had this too and when I unplugged my cable from a USB3 port and put it into a USB2 port it worked.
  4. Thanks. Think I'll stay clear.
  5. That's great. Care to share?
  6. I have a rooted Hudl2 and 'BetterBatteryStats'. What do you want to know and how would I find it. I've had a quick look in 'BBS' but couldn't see and issues. Mine can last for several days on standbye and during use, lasts quite a long time, (several hours of general use).
  7. Thanks for the tip on BOAT, but in Desktop mode, Facebook videos don't play.
  8. Our Hudl has a full HD display, (higher than a lot of windows computers/laptops) so why does chrome treat it as a mobile phone and add the 'm' to a lot of sites. I use Facebook, )or rather my wife does), and it defaults to the mobile version. When I go to settings and choose DESKTOP SITE it still shows the mobile site. Does anyone know why? Is there a way to stop this? I've tried Dolphin and it crashes a lot, and when I can get it to work, it won't play video where chrome does... It's so annoying, I mean why have an option to use DESKTOP SITE if it's going to ignore you anyway. Thanks in advance.
  9. I agree, and I've not read anything about Lollipop without reading about a fair few issues and that's on flagship devices like Nexus and Samsung. If they can't get it right, well, I'd rather stick to what we have for now.
  10. Ok thanks aerostar, won't bother buying a dongle then. I believe tethering to mobile works, but don't know if my mobile operator allows it. Will have to check.
  11. Has anyone tried tethering a 3G Dongle using an OTG cable? If so, what dongle and did it work or not? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi targetbsp. I've managed, (yesterday), to install Episode 2 from amazon. As daft as it sounds, I never tried to install it as I couldn't get the first one to install. It downloads and says its installing and then just fails at the end. I know they work on high spec devices as I've played them on my previous samsung note. Episode 3 doesn't install either. Strange that 2 did....... Also, I can't find them on tinternet anymore. used to me jetsetgames, but the web page doesn't exist now. Maybe they have folded or merged.
  13. Thanks 4L0M, that's interesting. I agree samac that most of the battery use is for the screen, but underclocking must save something, afterall, isn't the processor controlling what is displayed so some degree.
  14. Now that we are rooted, are we able to underclock the processor, (YES underclock it to maybe give more battery life)? Or overclock if you like... Or do things not work like that?
  15. Thanks to r00tmydevices on page 20 post 388 I have now rooted my device. The problem I had, listed above at 504 seems to simply be that my front USB ports on my computer were USB 3. I read on page 22 post 431 by Bisonator that they were having problems until they tried a USB 2 port. I did that and it worked. Thanks all and I hope this helps others. USB 2 NOT ' USB 3 ' EDIT: Also, only took about 5 or 6 minutes.
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