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  1. As a long shot, you could try and replace the internal sd card (in case its corrupted) with a new one and see if it then reboots okay.
  2. Looking forward to seeing this progress as having recently come from the Blade with Gingerbread, I am looking forward to getting back to a stable or daily workable Gingerbread Rom.
  3. I have just changed from GSF to nightly 145, and on a whole seem content with it, but I have a problem with WiFi, that it disconnects when the phone is sleeping and does not reconnect automatically when woken, I have to manually reconnect via the settings menu. Is this normal ?
  4. If I am coming from GSF which I did orginally by TPT, do I install the zip via clockwork and also where is the Gapps file ? Thanks in advance
  5. I think this is a dilemma that a few owners of the blade are going to pomder on. For me, I am happy with my blade running GSF custom Rom, though it has a cracked screen that I can live for now. I would like to in a couple of months upgrade to another phone with a larger screen and better specs in general, but cannot yet see if the skate/monte-Carlo will be a bigger enough improvement over the san Fransico, or to see what I can find on ebay, but what to ?
  6. Yes no problem, will be glad to pass out some invites to anyone needing them
  7. Just added my name, hope that I can get an invite. EDIT : Thanks Richard for the invite, been accepted.
  8. Thanks Fibblesan for all your Hard work, I have used your rom on both the pulse and on the San fran, it is the only one on here I have used, and hope that when i change to the others that they are as good and stable as yours.
  9. Okay, here are my details if it helps, I have a Black blade, bought from very, in February. so Country : UK; Shop : Very.co.uk; Baseband P729BB01; Kernel [email protected] Build Number : FLB-Froyo r10 ; Memory Layout : ???
  10. Have upgraded successfully from 8b and the wi-fi seems to be working without any problems, no problem with connecting and it also manages to find and offer to connect to other open networks when I am out and about as well. Well Done and thanks for your hard work.
  11. I am just trying to decide whether to get a Tab, not sure if it will be better to wait or try and grab one now, but was wondering as it is only 7", do people use it as a tablet with a seperate sim and still have a seperate phone, or do they use it as an oversized phone ? I ask because if I go ahead, not sure how it would work for me as I don't want to really have another sim, and swapping sims would do my head in, besides carrying two devices around but not sure if the Tab is impractical to use as a large phone besides a tablet (battery life and size come straight to mind).
  12. It certainly would be nice if we could get flashlite included in one of the roms or made as a flashable add on, so that it gives people options to install or not. Occasionally I have visited the odd website using skyfir and the flash content still does not render, which can become frustrating at times.
  13. I am thinking of switching soon, though I will wait for another release first and see what the feedback is, as there still seems like there are a few little problems that will probably get ironed out in a release or two.
  14. I have had my blade for just over a week, and replaced the stock with this Rom straight away. I picked this rom (r8a)over others as moving from the Pulse I have used fibbles FLB mod on it, so know that he does a good job. From what I have found when using this rom is that I get the battery to last all day, unless I use a lot of gps, The gps works great, the signal bars in general seem to work okay, i haven't as yet noticed any loss of signal strength. When the Wi-Fi is on, I still receive calls and can make calls as well as texts etc. The only thing I have noticed is that when it sleeps and then I wake it up, sometimes the w-ifi does not automatically connect, or seems to do so, although in the settings it says it is on, so not sure if it is really working when the no wifi symbol is showing or not. Strangely though, when I am out and about it has no problem finding unlocked open wi-fi signals and connecting to them> Overall, this is an excellent Fast Rom, and can't thank Fibble enough for his hard work, and look forward to any further improvements (although not sure what more he could do) with his nex version.
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