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  1. Hey, i installed RC4 yesterday and just noticed that the facebook widget (official facebook app) isnt to find in the widgetbar. Anyone who can confirm this? EDIT: Ok, found the solution to solve the problem. It's caused due to moving the facebook app from the internal storage to the sd card. If you leave it in the internal storage, the widget works well.
  2. Hey, i have little problem with my girlfriends white SF. You know the feature, if you call someone and you hold the phone on your ear, the screen goes black and reactivate when you hold the phone in front of you. So the problem now is, she calls someone and the screen immediately goes black and sensors doesnt recognize any move, so the display is black until the call ends. So no way to hang up a call (no button wakes up the display). Anyone have this problem too? Its a white TFT Blade with Finnish Fillyjonk RLS5.
  3. Mellerle


    Has anyone played Drift Mania Championship or Crazy Snowboard? Cant install both games.
  4. Which payment options are available when buying on the hotline? My girlfriend bought one sf last year for me and brought it to me (Germany) on her vacation. She makes an internship, thus she only has a german credit card and an englisch bank card, but no englisch credit card.
  5. Hey, i'm on JJ RLS6 and dont get Crazy Snowboard installed succesfully. Using adb push wont work, always get "INSTALL FAILED INVALID APK". Same Problem when using apkinstaller. Anybody getting it installed correctly?
  6. Hey, i have a little problem with this rom. I synced my contacts with MyPhoneExplorer, then changed from Finish Fillyjonk to this rom. Now wanted to sync my contacts again, it seems that syncing worked fine, but there are no contacts in the "contacts-app". But i see all my contacts in the dialer. Anyone know this problem?
  7. Mellerle

    Angry Birds

    Lagging like hell on Finnish Fillyjonk RLS5.
  8. Base confirmed that the Lutea will have no flash!
  9. You can buy this game via sms, but in this version its free. So dont worry about the acces to send sms.
  10. Here you go: DH.rar - 5.05MB Anyone on 2.2 having this "Can't play" problem? No, so maybe it only works on 2.2.
  11. Does not work for me on Finnish Fillyjonk RLS1. Error: Cant't play video.

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