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  1. put the suсkеr in the box & unplug the so-so-charged battery, then forget about it your kid will find this antique once like I found my dad's ghetto cassette player made in the early 80's :)
  2. back to this 7,2 again. rock stable :) btw, is smartass governor going to be added in here one day?
  3. No green screen in my case, but again: i never ever had it. This MIUI rom seems really faster that cm7.2 At least games are smoother (yeah, still gaming a lot :) )
  4. This ROM would be super if it had no network bugs. I can make calls & send sms, but people can't call me (the line is busy) and every sms i receive comes sneaking. I mean no vibro/sound, nothing. Raising the volume didn't help, of course.
  5. The guy Twrock does rock again, people :) +/- in Opera means that changes did what they were to do :)
  6. Well "no buttons backlight" looks more like a powersaving feature :)
  7. I flashed the latest cm7 just to check it again. For example, in Opera browser & in EA Worms there ARE "+" & "-" on the screen. In this cm6 there are no. The rom rules really but for this small issue :)
  8. To my great disappointment I don't even know... In our cm7 2.6.32k it's ok though. Still tryin to google about it at the moment
  9. The .32 one is the fastest ROM of all I ever seen. No Gingerbread is nearly as smooth as this. The little disappointing thing is that the phone doesn't recognise itself having a single-touch screen. It thinks it's dualtouch, but we don't have dualtouch. So the +/- don't appear in some apps making them less usable. But still, the rom is sweet :) Thanks a lot!
  10. the new kernel brings the cpu perfomance on a completely new level. menus are a bit slow for some reason, but different apps work fast. (today i tried EA Worms, and they are smooth as hell.. can't stop fapping. Worms loojed like a fast slideshow in cm6)
  11. i think you folks should try adding this to the build.prop ---- dalvik.vm.verify-bytecode=false debug.perfomance.tuning=1 ro.kernel.android.checkjni=0 dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags=v=n,o=v windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec=150 debug.sf.hw=1 debug.perfomance.tuning=1 ---- improves things for me (faster switching between apps & better menu responsibility)
  12. I can't wait to try this out..but somewhy i can't download the rom from mediafire. In some days i'll try to download that via desktop and give it a test. This can be a very promising port i think :)
  13. btw this is the 1st time I DO have the rotation anim 0_0 should my eyes be as big as they are? :D
  14. bow wow wow ahhh yeah catz seems a bit faster now :) but did you guys notice the new transition animations?...i keep them off, never seen nuthin like this before on pulse as for the 2d perfomance in the supa dupa MX Moto, it's completely badword up. Q3 and NFS are flying though and are more responsive than ever nice one, Pier!
  15. will it be safe to flash this new version just over the older build without wiping?
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