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  1. fishb00n

    Orange ICS Update

    root and mount?!
  2. I guess this could be done by adding an Environment Variable somehow like this: http://team-nocturnal.com/Install-ADB-and-Fastboot-on-your-Windows-computer.html
  3. did you guys manage to get a teamviewer session going?
  4. that link has already been floating around here somewhere :-/ #127 :-)
  5. Looking very nice karol. Mind to share some more details?
  6. fishb00n

    Best Browser ZTE Blade

    i'd go for opera mobile too
  7. subtle sarcasm is not one of your strengths dmxpowa ... :P and also has nothing to do with this thread.
  8. fishb00n

    Share your camera pics here

    wroclaw, poland - directly from camera, shot with camera360 without filters.
  9. @heavyduty00: no need to quote yourself :-) i have no idea - but i would guess that the performance is pretty equal to the other froyo roms 9xx score in quadrant. and no its not like 800 is twice as fast as 400. but overall the phone feels a lot smoother, mainly because of froyos just in time compiler and other optimizations.
  10. normal cpu speed 600mhz + overclocked ahb (bus speed) + hw acceleration + stagefright enabled gives 11xx in quadrant as kallt_kaffe said in post #1
  11. short review: i don't need all those features. player pro does a good job already.

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