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  1. great to see that ! Continue the play ;) Don't hesitate to catch thepasto for push the update on the goo.im folder. User friendly method for update. Good luck !
  2. of course, I already planned to do that with you :D cu soon !
  3. hi all, Just to say you a little good bye, i've now a xperia mini pro to play :) For now my liquid A1 will turn into gps for the rest of its life. Thanks for all the great community here, i've learn a lot lot of useful thinks. Keep the good vibes and the good work ! Au revoir :) i'll probably build a non phonish super lite CM9 for the gps part, because thepasto CM9 have a great battery life, and probably the best 2D/3D perf i've seen on all roms of this phone ! if it work, i'll post the link ;)
  4. ok guys, we've already play with all of that last month with the pasto, some information : - Supercharger V6 doesn't work ! it seems to work but if you check the memorykillervalues after a reboot, it's always the same, even with the 'patch' service.jar - The only way we find for change adj and memorykiller value to adapt them to A1 is to change the hardcode values in source and build a new service.jar After push the new service.jar and change the dalvik VM method to the old one, you'll have a CM9 without freeze and reboot on A1. But don't dream, after it still not daily usable :) I think i keep the good build.prop and service.jar in my other computer (but don't sure). If i find it, i will upload you that.
  5. Be sure that the update is not support related or what ! If no update is here, it's because nothing in the liquid adapt problem have progress. (some little progress on reboot on A1, but nothing usable for the moment) and ... it's holidays :P Not a big problem on ipv6, in fact ipv6 work great, but eat the few memory which is necessary for a good use on A1. For CM10, the liquid E problem would probably the same, but for the A1, if it use less memory than CM9 as it said (must be check) it could solve some problem on A1.
  6. i'm using it since last saturday, no problem, same smoothness as the last, same battery as the last, in fact, i've just correct a code error on memorykiller value (not a revolutionnary change) and update the source so it quite the same as before, just a CM source update. what recovery do you use ?
  7. back at home next week, i'll catch you there ;) We'll could play with CM10 ^_^
  8. For A1 users how just update the rom, you must uncheck and check the freemin box in liquid app to have the good memory killer values.
  9. i confirm the lost file problem on goo.im. For the CM7.2 part, i will not re upload the lost file, because i've just build the last version and certainly upload it soon :)
  10. Think about a 7' tab ;) Since i have it, i've change my point of view, my next phone will simply be a xperia mini pro for phone and music part. For the rest, i use the tab :D
  11. always the same as my last report (bad period for devs advance :D)
  12. exactly i think this problem must but thinking quietly and test, not a simple trick. ;)
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