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  1. I have same problem, Wiped everything like twice installed again, fixed permissions, downloaded it again because i thought the other file may be corrupt installed new one still same problem :S HELP. Maybe its our partition size, because if i remember correctly my one was 200 or 220, for ICS
  2. anyone tried this: http://www.wintechmobiles.com/tools/huawei-code-calculator/
  3. I am assuming u mean a leather flip case? If so atm it will be limited to TPU and rubberised cases and maybe silicone assuming we get enough votes
  4. Well they attract dust and its hard to get out your pocket coz it gets sticky, tacky, they come off easily (which is an advantage to some) and I just dont like how they feel. I had a tpu case for my blade and that also withstood falling on concrete many times and I can honestly say that my black phone housing is in pristine condition (I changed the housing to white one in February 2012 because I like the glossy white) and ive had it since launch. Cant comment on rubberised cases.
  5. my bad: http://depositfiles.com/files/2fyv2nqq1
  6. Well I have a Chinese friend in school who has a brother which owns a phone case factory in china, I discussed the possibility of cases with him and his brother and they agreed as long as I either supply them with a phone or a model of the phone (which im gonna try get from vodafone :D for a £10 :P) I wanted to conduct a poll to see what people want. At first the prices might seem a bit expensive (like for the blade) because only a small quantity will be made roughly around £4-5 including delivery with a screen protector. So what do you guys think? I reckon we will get these in about 1 month Example of rubberised case example of tpu case: silicone case (I hate these :D):
  7. Must resist :D This not being amoled and not being loud is slightly putting me off, I can barely here my blade in my pocket outside when it rings which is annoying. If I were to spend £130 I would get a used HD2
  8. Here is flashable services.jar supercharged credit goes to the guys at XDA and http://android.mimic.ca/ EDIT: Applying this 50% super charges u , it feels snappier tho OOM-Priority-Charger-v1.4-cyanogen-9.zip
  9. Well I have an OLED san fran, it rebooted twice and ive been using it throughout the day, market force closes, sometimes it freezes, but unfreezes if you wait like 10 seconds, telephone and sms works perfectly. As a phone it works perfectly but not as a smartphone. Battery life seems good also. Thank u tilal
  10. When I was replacing my black case for a white one i had to remove digitizer, here is a video of me removing digitiser from black front crover so I can put onto white one watch this video for how to learn how to take apart your phone
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