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  1. This is what I trriiieed to do, but whenever I do it on my computer it says recovery failed, although I'm using it with Unrevoked. I also assume I'm S-Off if my HTC is rooted and opendesire 4.0.4?
  2. paddyg

    PS3 Hack

    What is the best hack for the PS3 with the HTC Desire and is there any development being done on upgrades?
  3. Is there anywhere with a good tutorial on how to use psfmod, or even to be able to hack your ps3?
  4. paddyg

    HTC Desire Help

    But do I not have to restore the phone if its hanging on startup? @"r9 wip prebake so you can get help off the others on this forum." r9 wip prebake?
  5. paddyg

    HTC Desire Help

    I'd rooted the phone but then it had stopped working since I'd installed a zip file for the psfree dom hack, I think it was something to do not having CFW on the phone and not having opendesire? I'm not sur, if I was I wouldn't have messed it up in the first place. And how would I go about doing that,which rom should I download for the 0.83 version in the 2.1 android version. also how would I go about flashing it? do I just save it on the SD card or????? Do i not need an Goldcard? Thanks for the responses! :D
  6. I need help here, I've managed to brick my HTC Desire and now, it hangs on startup. I can get into recovery mode and also fast boot and hboot. I have no goldcard and am using the 0.83 model of the SLCD, 2.1. What on earth do I do! Please help.
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