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  1. phone can charge only when switch off, even connect with pc usb, still can only charge when switch off. i think the usb connection shall be standard, so must be software problem. is there any way to flash the rom without usb connection? i hope try another rom to see if same problem
  2. nobody have the solution? or ever experiance this situation? how do i flash new rom without usb connection? my b7610 now often been shutdown when open ie explore
  3. help, i facing the same problem now, phone can charge only when switch off. (i had check the and sure the device is in activesync mode, now i only can sync my phone though bluetooth, and octon also cannot recognised my phone) i had search the other forum, some omnia II user have the same problem, they solve by hard resting the phone. i had try hard resting the phone but still not work.
  4. may i know what another language you are talking about, hopefully is my mother language, then for sure i can help a lot, haha...
  5. hello, my experience is not all mp3 file is playable, still finding which type mp3 file is effect
  6. may i know how to set GPRS (adjusted manually)? i follow the step according the ISP provided but still not working
  7. can somebody lead me to get the cab file Phone Canvas 2.cab and dummy.cab
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