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  1. What is the best MIUI Rom to install?
  2. Add me on twitter: Sarbyyy94

  3. You can install flash player on the 2.1 roms :)
  4. Download ROM manager and install clockwork recovery; download the other ROM :)
  5. I'd recommend that you download the other CM7 which is available.. development for this ROM has stopped.
  6. Reduce to 528mhz, delete task killer and install dtapps2sd
  7. You could try and check out the gitrepo... like the changelog :)
  8. You could do the hungrian ROM i think :s i was told UK update!
  9. 2.1 ROMs are probably the best for battery and stability.
  10. You need to have installed UK 2.1 T-mobile update to receive messages, look up fibblesan 2.1 ROM and it mentions that you need that ROM before you attempt to install any other ROM.
  11. Follow the instructions on the thread of the ROM you are trying to install!
  12. Factory reset, wipe cache partition, and dalvik cache.. Install the rom, gapps and a2sd after that :)
  13. Try installing the ROM and Gapps only.. if you do go beyond the boot loop, install dtapps2sd.. open terminal type in "a2sd reinstall" the phone should reboot then "a2sd cache" reboot and then swappy15 I installed gapps and ROM, it loaded up fine for me..
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