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  1. With USB drivers installed and volume up pressed on boot, i eventually get error message saying USB device malfunctioned....and fastboot just sits at the waiting for device stage SHould I go down the TPT route and load the gen2 files?
  2. Yea I never used TPT as it was out after I did all the converting. If I cant see the FTM when holding down does that leave me any options?
  3. I didnt do a TPT before, I used the clockwork flashable zip from here: http://android.modaco.com/topic/324239-rom-zte-blade-stock-roms/ Should I go down the TPT route. Just tried flashboot and it doesnt look like thats recognising it. If i use TPT do I go for Gen1? (which the phone originally was) ir Gen 2? (what i converted to....but I converted in the early days before TPT was around.
  4. Guys, tryiung to restore the misses Orange UK SF(as it needed to go back to the shop), which was converted to Gen2 and was running custom roms. I flashed the B20 orange UK rom from Sebs ZTE Blade Stock ROMs and now it is stuck at green android. I wasnt sure if I had to downgrade back to GEN1, but saw that these restore roms formatted partitions back so thought it was a one stop shop. Can anyone give me any idea what to do, as I cant even get into clockwork
  5. I had exact same issue with r5. When I flashed r5 over top of r4 (cleared cache) I would get error on first boot. Its not titanium related as it occurs before I even 4estore anything. I would guess its contact related I was running r4 which had contact fix for Facebook sync. When choosing r5 there wasn't different versions (to cater for aosp contacts eg) Can Anyone else who gets this problem state what version rom they were coming from and if it had Facebook sync fix. For me,flashing back down to r4 and clearing cache sorted it. Obviously want r5 though
  6. Just updated to Gen 2 and put on this rom (CM7 was getting worse in terms of stability as nightly builds went on...was great about 30 but will wait till its bit more stable till I switch back) Anyone noticed that the bars showing signal dont seem to ever show much? mine is showing 1 bar maz, but I have "H" showing. ran spead tests and my upload/download is fine (though tests varied quite a lot)...My signal strength is -101 dBm 6asu Also does anyone know of a mod that could provide the pull down notification area with quick access to power settings (wifi/gps/bluetooth) that you get as standard in gingerbread?
  7. Just run set of tests after updating to gen2 SS (was original OSF gen 1 which was running stable cynogen - not so stable!) I found that the results hugely differ. I tried running test sat at desk with phone plugged into pc (but not mounted) and i was getting download/upload rates of less than 300kps.... moved closer to window (about 4 foot) and unplugged and score rocketed to 2326 download with 364 upload.. tried it few more times and scores still massively fluctuate. It does seem to affect scores though if USB is plugged in. Give it a try guys and see what happens. Also would be interested to know if you get consistent scores
  8. Yea can anyone who has already got the ROM upload it to another mirror and provide the links? Also does anyone know if this will need a full wipe if coming from flib 4.1 (which I flashed about an hour ago...doh)
  9. Just installed fibs 4.1 and glad I read this...better set the misses alarm..could have been bad if it didnt go off tommorow :D
  10. Cheers guys. Will keep checking this now...DAMN another website to constantly keep refreshing :D
  11. going to read through the posts, nut just wondering if build is up on cynogen website under nightlys. I have just had a look but device aint listed. Is it not yet added to list? Edit: nevermind read through and looks like fibs 4.1 is still most current. Do we know if cynogen are going to update website to add blade section any time soon? (ie will it be done at same time that nightly is produced) or are you guys looking in any other spots that I should keep my eye on?
  12. Blimey... looks like paul has been busy! I am on r8 (baked on the weekend) and maually fixed the contacts issue.... was looking at updating to r9 which paul promised on monday.... just looked and cant believe how many releases!!!! just wondering to come from r8 baked do I need to flash. I did full flash for that because of facebook sync. Seen there has been some more development on this. Sorry if this question has already been asked, I have got a good few pages of comments to catch up on ;)
  13. The working dialler is the stock android one (it has a white border round it, and appears in app drawer as "Phone". As far as I know, its the ZTE one ("dialler") that is borked. If you use launcher pro, then just hide that app, and set the working one to be default. Problem solved I looked into using fibbs fix for contacts, but after bit of unproductive tinkering, someone had posted a fix in the terms of the sql fix.... so I just went with that.
  14. Running r8 since last night on mine and misses phones... everything working fine Seriously guys, dont let the dialler issue worry you 1) set working dialler to be default. Problem solved with crashes of other dialler as it will not be used (I even used launcher pro settings to hide the app off misses phone so she cant even click it by mistake) 2) The sql fix is sooo easy to do. I think all this sql talk and adb might worry some people. First get android sdk toolkit and then you will have everything you need. Once its installed, open up windows cmd, and then cd (change directory) to the tools folder of the sdk folder you just installed (mine is C:\android-sdk_r07-windows\android-sdk-windows\tools) once you have done that, simply follow the exact commands that have already been posted. I used adb wireless app on my blade to make it easier as I couldnt be bothered to fetch USB cable. All in all, it probably took about 10 minuits to update both phones. Remember Paul has to have a life, so rather than bugging him for an update before monday, why dont you try and learn something....remember if your not 100% sure on what you are doing, ask....and of course perform a nandroid.
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