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  1. Sorry, I would take a screenshot but I can't get CapSure to work. There are two things I would like to remove if possible. The first is when I tap at the very top of the screen on any of the icons, a ribbon of larger coloured icons appears. There is a magifying glass for zoom, a connectivity icon, a phone connection icon, volume, battery and clock. I don't really need these, and I thought if they could be switched off I might save a little memory. The second is when I get any notification from the OS, like a new message, or if the phone is connecting to GPRS or whatever, a large grey and black panel appears over the screen saying, for example, "Connecting to Vodafone Mail (GPRS)" with 2 buttons : Cancel or Hide. I really don't need these and I find them quite annoying. I would love to be able to switch them off. I have rooted about in the settings for any option to change these, but without any success. There is a "Large Icons" option in Samsung settings, but this doesn't affect anything. If you can help I would be very grateful. Thanks Caz
  2. Opera mini is free from Opera anyway. You can just Google it.
  3. Are you using the "fixed" cab? If not, give that a try. Otherwise, try reinstalling the application
  4. OK, I installed the Samsung FM Radio (fixed) cab. The program runs, it scans and finds a number of frequencies, but I don't hear anything. Is that what you're seeing Hammer?
  5. Thanks for your help here Hammer. Trying that now. I don't have samsung radio installed, but will give it a try and see if I have the same problem
  6. In the dialer application, tapping on the phone book button doesn't open the phone book. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks Caz
  7. Yes, I thought that, but I have Samsung Settings and large icons is switched off, so I thought it must be something else in the ROM.
  8. I'm really enjoying this megalite ROM Daskalos. Many thanks for doing this. One thing ... the large status bar icons ribbon. Is it possible to switch this off? I don't really get on with it. Cazador
  9. Hi Thunder, I'm curious about how you get the free memory to appear in the taskbar.
  10. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to remap the end/power button? Somehow I changed mine to start a program, but I need to change it and I can't remember how I did it! Thanks for your help. El Caz
  11. Why are there no links to ROM_DUMP.BIN files on here? Is it a copyright issue?
  12. OK, thanks. I found dskdump.exe and tried it. Success! On to the next step. One question, though. If it needs an official ROM, where do the expert chefs get hold of later ROMs than the one that came with their phone? OK, two questions: if I download and flash an "official ROM" from this forum, can I dump that and use it for cooking? Thanks again
  13. Hi, Thanks for all this information. I'm just reading through it to try to understand what I would need to do. I got a bit stuck on the above statement - I don't know how to get a ROM_DUMP.bin. Does one of your tools do this? Could anyone post a link to instructions on how to do it? Thanks El Cazador
  14. Fantastic. I'll go and get them now. Thanks again Thunder. Your help is really appreciated.
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