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  1. igors_s

    Nexus 4 in hand :D any questions?

    works fine here. had google nav running for 1 hour plus wiht no issues. does not heat up. my 3g (H+) is turned on constantly. Ingress drains battery like crazy though... as do most games.
  2. igors_s

    Nexus 4 in hand :D any questions?

    It looks like it's not used because there is no licencing deal with LTE carriers. The bigger question is: is it dormant or actually 'dead' (disabled). Nexus is based on LG Optimus which does have LTE, so the inclusion of the chip is understandable. It probably cost LG less to leave it in then to amend manufacturing process.
  3. igors_s

    Nexus 4 in hand :D any questions?

    I have a feeling the cpu is not optimised correctly. Yesterday it overheated (heavily, almost too hot to touch) by using a weak powercharger (100mA output, I was hoping it would would even a little bit. It did not) and YABA (yet another backlight app from xda) while browsing chrome. it looks like YABA was the main culprit, however any 2 conditions from the above did not cause the overheating. I'm sure it will be fixed later.
  4. igors_s

    Nexus 4 in hand :D any questions?

    Welcome to the club :D This thing is awesome. Could you run google Earth. Does yours overheat aswell?
  5. I get the same issue. Camera hangs for abit when saving.
  6. igors_s

    Nexus 4

    Yes, same here. I have close to a year worth of backups on sd card left over from my zte blade. I'm dissappointed they left the sd card out, but having thought about it, on g300, I use total of 1.3gb of space on 16gb card. it's just the gallery photos and videos. and most of it is in the cloud.
  7. Androidcentral user dmmark has released the apk for nexus4 camera. Tried it and it works on latest infusion (4.0.3 even though apk required 4.0.4) Short instructions: Post1. put the .apk into system/app using root explorer (I use ESExplorer). make sure the permissions are set to RW-R-R Post3. put this files and this file into system/lib, set permissions to RW-R-R Also put this file into system/app. same permissions Reboot. To get the the camera, I had to go via the gallery. (btw, this gallery is better as it integrates with googlephotos). Give it a go. it's pretty sweet
  8. igors_s

    Nexus 4

    I think you're kind of forgetting the heavily subsidized nature of the device. Samsung Galaxy S3 with slightly worse specs costs £400 unlocked at the moment for 16gb version. Nexus4 will be £260. if anything the 8gb version is too cheap, not the other way around. of course there will be. nandbackups are stored as files in a folder on internal memory just like they are on sd card. do a nandbackup, copy files to pc and keep it save.
  9. igors_s

    Nexus 4

    maybe interesting for some UPDATE: and another:
  10. igors_s

    Nexus 4

    The most lucrative thing about nexus line of devices, for me, is the official rom support. Huawei are lacking in the opensouce deparment a little. :( Impressive device though.
  11. igors_s

    Nexus 4

    They explained the reason for leaving out. As much as I would miss the extra storage, I can totally see their point. http://www.androidce...have-no-sd-card
  12. Just wanted to say thank you Tillaz! Rom is awesome
  13. igors_s

    Google Talk with Video?

    Just installed 'stock' google talk app for infusion and was very surprised to find that voice is activated in it. Already tested voice, works perfectly. Have not had a chance to test video. But it looks like video is not supported yet. link from infusion thread: SPAM/api/click?format=go&key=9b4efad421c8b103b2c94b796db973b0&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.modaco.com%2Ftopic%2F355994-rom-ics-infusion-b05-new-update-17092012%2F&subId=b0ec8f07a9b2e76d29cd641fde2b9d0d&v=1&libid=1348590598550&out=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.solidfiles.com%2Fd%2F7d95ac659f%2F&ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.modaco.com%2Fforum%2F650-huawei-ascend-g300-g300modacocom%2F&title=%5BROM%5D%20%5BICS%5D%20INFUSION%20%5BB05%5D%20%5BNEW%20UPDATE%2017%2F09%2F2012%5D%20-%20Huawei%20Ascend%20G300%20-%20G300.MoDaCo.com%20-%20MoDaCo&txt=%3Cspan%20style%3D%22color%3A%20%230000CD%22%3EGOOGLE%20TALK%3C%2Fspan%3E&jsonp=vglnk_jsonp_13485908666271 At least this was news to me :)
  14. ooo, just read the patch notes: 2way call recording! awesome :) Really looking forward to it

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