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  1. There is a vibration icon and a sound profile icon on the too bar. Is it necessary to have both? Also how do I get rod of theblue bar on webpages when you hit the side
  2. Just flashed this rom. I have only one issue, but it's pretty major for myself The Samsung keyboard phone keypad form of typing text does not work. It only does numbers. Very frustrating
  3. ive just gone and wiped my phone like an idiot, and have no recent backups. concidering going for a different model phone now as ive got bored with it anyway. how do i put stock firmware onto it?
  4. whenever I go to any folders labelled sdcard in file managers. it never finds my actual sd card. I have some films on an sd card and want to add the folder that they are in into a video app. but I can't find anything. really annoying sorry, I've found it now ha
  5. if you have a problem with leaving wifi on etc. get juice defender. you can set it up to turn certain things off at certain times of the day. or set it to turn wifi off when screen is off etc
  6. once its rooted. you should just be able to just flash new software using clockwork mod. won't need to use odin again. that's surely for getting an initial root sorted for flashing. might be wrong though
  7. I think they might. that's like saying, iphone 4 won't get Iso 5 because no one Will buy 4s
  8. do you have a link to the very one you bought from? thanks for your help and do texts and calls come through for either number simultaneously?
  9. I'm reading that a lot of them don't fully support data network. but calls and text is fine. if nothing comes up ill just put up with swapping cards over
  10. you don't actually believe quadrant do you.
  11. I've ordered another sim today from giffgaff far they allegedly offer all you can eat data for a top up of ten pound a month, and with my current contract I keep going over my internet. so with paying an extra ten pound for proper unlimited I Will end up saving money. I have found this http://www.magic-sim.com/product-details.php?Product=9 does anybody know much about these dual readers?
  12. can't wait to see what features it has. just been reading about the galaxy nexus, looks good but doesn't have much over s2 apart from 720p screen. but its preloaded with 4.0
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