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  1. Im pretty sure there will be a lot of customisation, this is still beta, the older versions has loads, and many widgets to boot, it's early days yet :( I actually find it quite easy to get around, I like the idea. Spinning the thing around is harder, but if you use the scroll bar at the bottom I find it pretty good. Mike
  2. I think everything uses a lot of battery on the blade, lol. the thing is with an interface like that, you aren't just going to do one quick thing and then leave it alone are you, your going to mess around spinning the carousel for no reason at all other than it being pleasing to the eye. then you're going to do it again, just to make sure it really did look as good as it did the first time :( that's the reason the battery is going down :( By the way I'm now using JJ9 as well, and the beta 2 does run well on it, not sure if the cyanogen is still better still, it could be!! as soon as the Cyanogen has the phone call issue fixed, I'm back on it :) Mike
  3. I've not tried this out on jj9 yet, but I am a jj fan. I give it a bash :( Mike
  4. Ok, after some more looking around, there appears to be a beta 2 around, with this installed on the 2.2 roms, it works much better, as smooth as the cm rom I think. Have a look around for the file SPB_Mobile_Shell_5.0_BETA_GEAR_SECOND_www.dl4all.com_.apk Good luck!! Mike
  5. Something I've just found out, is with FLB's rom it isn't as smooth, oddly with the CM rom it's glitch free, this is what I tried it out on first, it will outsmooth anything on that rom, but of course there are a few little niggles with the cm rom, this is why I just tried it out on FLB. Mike
  6. Well officially, it isn't released on Android no, but I actually have it installed. but it's not on the market. Mike
  7. Hi everyone, I don't know how many of you are familiar with this UI, it's been widely used over the years for windows mobile, but never android, now this latest addition is quite different to previous releases because they have a new graphics engine pushing it along, now this new engine is fast, I don't mean just a little bit suprising, I mean gobsmackingly faster than you though it would be. Most dev websites selling their latest product, especially the pay ones, show a really nice professionally made video of their latest and greatest UI running on the fastest phone known to man, then speed the framerate up a little bit for good measure, just to really blow you away, but I can honestly say with this version, it, on the blade at least really does run as fast as you would expect, it is without doubt in my humble opinion not only the fastest UI i've ever seen on the blade, but the fastest UI I've even seen on Android. Big statements I know.... I suggest you check out their corporate vid and see what you think for yourself > I would give you the link for the installer but don't want to break any forum rules, so I can only tell you the beta is out there, is that it runs very well on the blade indeed, from my experience so far I've not found many bugs either. At first the eyecandy seems a little overwhelming, and you think this is all too much, but just give the slider at the bottom a chance, it actually is quite a good way to move around. Mike
  8. +1 there, this is the point I was trying to make, I don't think it's anything to do with the hwui, it IS glitchy and it DOES hang a bit, and it because it just needs a little more work I suspect, I keep feeling like the bad guy pointing it out. Mike
  9. Are you suggesting that that if I was to enable hwui in the build.prop it would be better? It's not just the smoothness, I found the Cyangenmod was a bit glitchy, sticking at some points, you cannot easily change your home screen because the home screen has now been used for switching off the screen ( I know key mapping can be changed ) when I was running JJ rom before without hwui on, it still wasn't as choppy, and I didn't get freezing say in the keyboard. I really like the look and feel of the Cyanogenmod, really, but it's not quite up to the performance of the JJ, that's all I was saying. Tom had done such a bang up job porting at AT ALL, and I'm still waiting to donate a pint to him once he puts up a link : ) it's well deserved. Mike
  10. I second that, I've tried out every Cyanogenmod rom, and although the extra features are very nice and the boot screen is cool, once you get down to it, it's nowhere near as smooth or fast as the JJ rom yet, I really support the cyanogen rom, but I think if your running it, you're always going to have that niggling feeling that your not running the fastest or most optimized rom, In my humble opinion, most people are always drawn toward the fastest and the smoothest. and at the moment I have to say that the JJ series is hard to beat for that. If we get a JJ Rom optimised for Cyanogen, then I think we could have something quite special :D Mike
  11. I think your quite right, it will be great! I have noticed that this version is super slow, much slower than the JJ series so far, I know egl has not been enabled yet though, I have also found that the market it very buggy, like it was in the first rom's, I but I wonder if that's because it's using the old leaked Chinese kernel? I have also found that the phone is locking up, for a period, and then rebooting, these not complaints at all, I'm just stating my experience so others can compare. also I could not get data to flow over wifi, but I could get it to connect ok. something else that I found surprising in particular, when I eventually managed to get it to download ADW EX, this really ran super badly, far worse than launcher pro, and ADW EX is literally (maybe not the best) but fastest launcher out there currently. with a bit of feedback hopefully it will help to point Tom and the Dev's in the right direction. I would like to finish be saying what a unbelievable achievement this is and when a great job everyone has done ;) Mike
  12. I don't understand, I went through the recipe, and when I'd finished cooking gingerbread I removed my blade from the oven to find it has melted, what a silly recipe, I'll never use that one again! ;) :D ;) Mike
  13. Thanks for your reply, I know it has that functionality, but not for Exchange mail, it will work for Gmail and the likes, but not corporate email. Mike
  14. http://www.androidblip.com/android-apps/an...lite-16035.html Maybe this is what your looking for? you have to use the full version for phone answering mind. Mike
  15. Hi Actually I would like to recommend Palringo as a chat app, I would never have considered this as it doesn't get bigged up much on the market, but my daughter has a phone with this already on, so I chose to give it a go, and to my surprise it's really good, it has access to group chat rooms a bit like irc as well as the usual IM BB messenger type chat, and on top of that you can also enable many other messengers if you like, it has a nice polished UI, and comes with support room right from the start if you don't know how to do something. Well worth a look! Mike
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