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  1. Signed and given to some peeps who have lg 2x too. Post this to xda-developers too please.
  2. The conversion has been made using TPT, there is no practical difference between the two methods of converting. I have done that. o2 Germany 3G is crap indoor, the first picture on GPRS is in the house in a room in the middle where the 3G signal always gets lost. Both Gen1 and Gen2 got 3G signal lost as soon as I was 3-4 meters away from the window, as it always happens on this network. Also the second picture on GPRS is done in the basement where 2G signal gets lost, that is the "best worse" signal I could get there, if I moved 20-30 Cm both Gen1 and Gen2 lost 2G signal. So I could not see any improvement in areas where the signal strength was at the limit. My only explanation for the people saying that the signal is improved on Gen2 in zones with bad signal is that on Gen2 signal may get better on other 2G and 3G bands as the ones I have tested. As already stated, 2G tests have been done on 1800MHz and 3G on 2100MHz. Some carriers use 900MHz for 2G and in other countries carriers use this frequency for 3G too. For the people stating that they have definitely better signal in zones with bad signal - what frequencies does the operator use? Wifi does not get better on Gen2 as nothing gets changed. It's either the ROM or the Speedtest.net app. This is the classical mistake I was talking about. People, one more time: HSDPA is being shown as 3G or 3G+ on some ROMs, it's just cosmetics. On the most 2.1 ROMs and some 2.2s HSDPA has been shown as 3G and 3G+, I have seen this on a few CM7 nightlies too. On CM7 and other ROMs, if you get shown H it does not mean you have HSUPA but that you have HSDPA! HSUPA refers to the bigger upload speeds (theoretically 5,76 Mbps compared to 384 Kbps) and has to be supported by your operator, you have to test that in a USB dongle or in another phone that supports HSUPA.
  3. I did not forget anything. I have tested with the latest stable Gen1 release vs. latest stable Gen2 release. Wifi is not object of Gen2, this test concentrates purely on what Gen2 should bring: better signal and HSUPA, both unconfirmed. I did not want to use a converter to use the same CM7 on Gen1 and Gen2, just to keep thing official and did not use SS because I see the future of blade ROMs in CM7. No other functions. And please do not quote such a long post, it's not good :mellow:
  4. Hello mates. Just thought I'd make an objective comparison between a Gen1 and a Gen2 Blade as the actual advantages and disadvantages are not clear, some people say Gen2 is better, some say it's worse and the most say it's the same. In the left corner we have my wife's Gen1 white LCD San Francisco, in the right corner my Gen2 OLED San Francisco, both running CM7. My wife's runs RC4 and has the notification bar at the top, mine runs 7.0.2 and has the notification bar at the bottom. The tests have been done in the o2 Germany network in a city where HSPA (HSDPA 7,2 Mbps + HSUPA 5,76 Mbps) is available, at 5:00 in the morning so that the network capacity is pretty free. o2 Germany operates mainly in frequencies of 1800 MHz in 2G and 2100 MHz for 3G, as it is in our case. Let's get ready to rumbleee :D Round 1: 3G/HSDPA signal strength Tested inside and outside, no difference here, values between -93 dbm 10 ASU and -103 dbm 5 ASU. Result of the first round: Gen1 1 Point | Gen2 1 Point Round 2: 2G/GPRS signal strength Tested inside and outside, no difference here, values between -83 dbm 15 ASU and -99 dbm 7 ASU. Result of the second round: Gen1 2 Points | Gen2 2 Points Round 3: HSUPA Tested at full signal strength, no difference again :o Upload did not get better than the theoretically possible 384 kbps, tested 5 times on each phone on 2-3 servers around the location. Ignore the download speeds, they varied on both phones between 1,5 and 2,5 Mbps, the other ones were blurry, I have chosen the best quality and not the best download speed as they varied and were just about the same. I could not take pictures of both at the same time as my wife does not have a data plan, had to change the SIM between the phones, it does not make any difference. Result of the third round: Gen1 3 Points | Gen2 3 Points Gen1 => Gen2 => Proof that there is HSDPA and HSUPA in the zone on my new baby, nexus one :D (got it very cheap from a relative for 160€ or else I wouldn't have bought it, Blade is on sale now and will bring more money than the n1 costed because it's a rare OLED :D Tears my heart apart to sell my trusty Blade, brilliant phone, just love it, but I need adobe flash sometimes for the university, dammit!) => Conclusion: Some will say that there should be a forth round with the 850 MHz band. Sorry, can't travel to Canada or Australia or another non-european country where I can test. But someone on the forum (can't remember the name, sorry) was in Canada on 850MHz and it did not work. Also no one confirmed that this band works, untill there is any proof, I can't suppose it works. Regarding HSUPA, some users reported it works. I have two theories for this: either HSUPA works only on 900MHz 3G Networks which are available in some countries (afaik not in Germany) or people don't really know what HSUPA means (I've seen some people on the forum saying they have HSUPA because they have an H on the notification bar :mellow: ). If you have HSUPA post a picture or screen shot of a Speedtest.net test with an upload speed over 0,4 Mbps, as seen in my last picture and opposite to some people saying the app does not give you HSUPA speeds, it really works. Changing to another server and trying at hours where most people are sleeping helps too. The fact that Gen2 does not bring any practical difference left a mixed feeling in my mind. So many efforts, changes and discussions... what for? Sure, native Gen2 owners are happy about it, but they are very few. And thanks to the genius of wbaw Gen2 is not so scary as it was. But still, what do you think about it? Do not flame and post crap as it was the case with older Gen1 vs Gen2 discussions be objective and talk facts!
  5. Death Worm is pretty awesome and addictive.
  6. Could you attach an APK of the free version please? When you test different things on fresh ROMs you don't log into the google account so that the whole stuff gets recovered, it's simpler to change stuff quick with a handy apk. Thanks.
  7. @StevenHarperUK, could you reset? And add Gen1 and Gen2 to your survey as well? Cheers.
  8. If you mean Navigon, you have to update to the newer version (3.x.x), the old one (2.x.x) is not compatible to gingerbread. Did not try this, just read somewhere, don't know anymore where. I use Google Navi for that.
  9. Wrong, 7.0.0 is Gen1, 7.0.2 is Gen2! You'll have to back up user apps, upgrade to Gen2, flash 7.0.2 and gapps and restore user apps.
  10. For people having problems with Facebook force close, it's their fault, they broke it with the latest update. Use Flow for Facebook, it seems damn good.
  11. That was for the wbaw's TPT recovery and repartitioning. All people who are failing can't read/understand the instructions.
  12. For most of the devices it works with VOL UP + POWER, but I can confirm people should try to hold MENU + VOL UP and POWER. That's nonsense! You don't mess with partitions, the TPT does it for you. Why would someone keep 100MB unused, the blade's app space is too small for that. What does clockwork has to do with TPT? Get the zip file, extract the image folder, put the folder onto your SD card with a Gen2 ROM (or get CM7-N42-Gen1-to-Gen2-TPT.zip, you won't need a ROM as it installs CM7 for you), switch the phone off, keep VOL UP pressed and press power and that's it. For the people who can't get it working: you're doing it wrong, RTFM again.
  13. Flash v2 of the Gen1 to Gen2 TPT converter, it will sort it out.
  14. Can't explain how people had problems with version 1 of the TPT upgrade, it worked for me. Oh well, version 2 is even better :) @stoke1863, flash kallt_kaffe's converter right after you flash N42, you have one of the new blades with the unresponsive screens.
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