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  1. stupid....i hate FB, i hate TW........ G+ rulez!!!!
  2. HEEELP! :) noone helps? once more: i bought first desire in UK ... TM branded, A2.1... inside languages EN,FR,ES,IT... when i debrand it with Goldcard and load stock RUU 2.09, phone has many european languages. when i bough second, is nonbranded, with same langs.... i did load same RUU....phone has still only 4 langs? how get more langs? (please no recommend "More locale2"... it is not ideal solution.. translate only small part
  3. why GC??? :) it is nonbranded phone.... i have totaly same problem..... nonbranded desire, only basic lang...EN, FR, IT, ES. new RUU but only same 4 langs. (i use this RUU for next other phone...debranded, and there are more european lans)
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