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  1. It done it again today, fully charged at 11.45am, came to use it at 5.30pm and it was at at 48% - Gsam saying kernel had used 93%, inbuilt battery blaming android system? Essentially cpu is is running three quarters of the time and it's being kept awake for T full time it's off charge :( Has used 20% in 45 minutes with light browsing. Anyone else having similar issues? I run my devices fairly lightly with few apps - basically used as a browser. Will factory reset, again.
  2. I went to bed the other evening and my battery was at 90%+, went to use it around 12 hours later and it was completely stone dead!Had to charge for a good ten minutes before I could get it to switch on, checked GSam and it was the kernel that had drained it overnight, nearly 10 hours CPU on time (I keep location, syncing etc turned off) I had similar issues with the kernel when I first bought it in January and it eventually became okay - first time this has happened on 5.1 though, and was a couple of weeks after updating which included a factory reset. Need to keep an eye on it, haven't used it for a few days as I'm away from a wifi connection currently, so isn't being used.
  3. Got the prompt this afternoon, don't think I'll bother with it just yet. I only use it for surfing, news, BT Sport/iplayer/netflix and it's rock solid for all of that - I must be getting old as I'm usually baw deep in to new updates, but happy with the way it functions currently (improved battery life could change my mind though)
  4. My Wife bought me a Hudl 2 on Friday as she had vouchers to use up, I didn't buy one previously due to the inability to mod. It completed the update during setup and I left it on charge for a few hours, noticed it had stuck at 87% but thought nothing of it... Went to bed last night and it had about half charge, checked it at 11am today, totally dead! Gsam reported Kernel as being the drain issue. Left it switched off and it charged fully. I'll keep an eye on it and if it's playing up they can have it back.
  5. Just put this on my Gen1 running FLB r10, and iplayer works a treat through dolphin HD B) BBC news 24 however is too choppy to be watch able, and even worse in the standard browser, both over wi-fi. The most watched BBC videos play perfectly though. Happy just to have iplayer :)
  6. £20.50 from here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-SAN-FRANCISCO-TOUCH-SCREEN-DISPLAY-DIGITIZER-/270796105185?pt=UK_Mobiles_Accessories_RL&hash=item3f0cb4a5e1
  7. Yes, it can be done using launcher pro in the appearance settings https://market.android.com/details?id=com.f...e=search_result
  8. Cheers, I went on the market looking for something else and there it was. Had to do a fair bit of searching through the market to find it on the Wife's desire :D I am on level 25 and it plays good so far with minimal judder, I'm on FLB 10b FTR. I kinda miss those pesky green pigs though :D
  9. Woohoo https://market.android.com/details?id=com.r...e=search_result
  10. Try this link :D http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...eginners-guide/
  11. Tesco Direct have just started selling the Orange San Francisco both in black and white. It selling quite steadily from what I can see.
  12. Not put any music on my SanFran, however I used 'itunes agent' to put music on the Wife's Desire. Works a treat, easy to use, just stick whatever you want on a play-list and sync it over.
  13. Worked a treat for me using the androot>astro>busy box>titanium combo :) Initially it wouldn't open androot, so used astro to open it. Plain sailing after that. I now have 74.5mb of free space, many thanks.
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