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  1. Hi Paul, How's the overall build quality? I've read it's made of plastic rather than metal.
  2. Also would like to know if it's s-off and hbootable Keep it up Paul! :)
  3. hmmm so no increase of space to install apps on?
  4. Let us know what the outcome is... curious if there are any improvements..
  5. It's back online again..see first post voor download link..
  6. Don't think so either..all we can do is wait...
  7. There's 1 annoying little thing in the German update....I can't turn off the English word correction feature for the android keyboard. Anyone any ideas on how to correct, fix this? (besides installing a different keyboard app?)
  8. .DE update any different from the UK update in terms of bloatware? .DE update = German version right?
  9. ok, thanx fusion. So we'll have to wait then..
  10. yeah just installed it...it's the 1.5 version! idiots!
  11. Will try it when i come home later on! Can't wait...
  12. Check: http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/help-and-sup...FTWAREDOWNLOADS Direct download link: http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/library/TMOB...C85B836SP01.zip Here to stay, hopefully!
  13. I only check permissions for apps that aren't populair. So i don't check permissions for official twitter app. But i do check permissions for a keyboard app.
  14. So what do i have learned from this? Never lent out my defy to my wife. And don't sit on it ;-) But the scratch isn't covered by the warranty? Gorilla glass and all...advertised as scratchproof..
  15. All good news then. I can extend my contract with t-mobile in March, so i'll have my Defy in by the end of March i reckon. Can't wait!
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