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  1. islandofshame

    Should I get rid of my Blade...

    Couldn't resist, new handset will arrive tomorrow :rolleyes: How much you recon I should ask for my OLED San Fran in near perfect condition? Kinda sad to be selling it, its been a great wee ride with the OSF, massive thanks to all the guys who put all their effort into releasing all the great custom ROMs :D
  2. ...and buy a Galaxy S II? :rolleyes: Currently on a 30 day rolling £10 sim only deal and can get the phone free on a £20.99 a month, 24 month contract What you think? Cheers - islandofshame B)
  3. hehe, silly me - cheers :) works bitching now, wifi still drops off but think its because my SSID is hidden... ;)
  4. sorry my bad, thought my post had been deleted... absolutely no-one has commented on it though so easy mistake to make...
  5. excellent rom, i'm sure i speak for everyone when saying that your work is much appreciate kallt_kaffe upgraded from Flibblesans r3 lastnight to JJRL8 and was pleasantly surprised to see that the backlights on my buttons were working, woohoo! ;) however, they now appear to have stopped working. I have installed several applications and also applied the gingerbread theme for RSL7 (thought possibly a bad idea, but posts suggest it should be fine), could this have had an impact? I have also experienced on two occasions now that my phone refused to go to sleep, dims the screen brightness but screen remains on - I've found that I need to restart my phone to resolve the problem. Has anyone else experienced this issue? cheers guys - island :)
  6. alrite mate, i had the exact same problem, I am currently running r3a though - I had to remove the zte dialler and instead use "dialler one" which functions pretty well :unsure: hope this helps - island B)
  7. islandofshame

    Video Podcast playback issue

    thanks again people for your amazing input, again I have managed to fix this issue myself...turns out to be because stagefright was enabled for anyone who gives a s*!t
  8. islandofshame

    Video Podcast playback issue

    thats weird, downloaded RockPlayer - plays the file fine under "software decoding mode" but if I change it to "hardware decoding mode" its knackered... could this be something to do with hardware acceleration?
  9. islandofshame

    Video Podcast playback issue

    video format is MP4 btw, used to work fine on the stock ROM - has there been any changes to the video player in Froyo? weird how its working on yours ok :)
  10. alrite guys, hoping someone will at least bother replying if I create my own thread... been running flibblesan's latest Froyo ROM for sometime now and just stumbled across a slight problems I have... went to watch the latest TRS video podcast there and playback is in black and white but with offset red ghosting? occurs with all video content... any ideas? cheers - islandofshame
  11. alrite guys, been running this ROM for sometime now and just stumbled across a slight problems I have... went to watch the latest TRS video podcast there and playback is in black and white but with offset red ghosting? any ideas? cheers - islandofshame
  12. alritey, finally took the jump and updated to froyo, everything has gone well but getting "preparing sd card" after booting phone, doesn't seem to be going anywhere and I can't access the SD card through the filer...help!? cheers - islandofshame :P
  13. woohoo, I'm now on the verge on updating to this bad boy - i've got the same question thats on everybody's lips though, is there much difference between the stock dialler and the zte smart dialler? could someone possibly provide some screenshots of the zte one to save me reflashing if it looks/is crap? cheers guys and keep up the good work flibblesan! - islandofshame p.s surely this has earned sticky status? :P
  14. islandofshame

    ROM Manager

    no one replies to my posts mate, you'll be waiting a while B)
  15. islandofshame

    ROM Manager

    ok, upon further searching it looks like dell streak is the one to go for... i have since decided just to reboot my phone in recovery mode and done a manual backup through there instead, is this ok or will it cause me problems when I look to restore? cheers

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