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  1. Just spotted that this old thread had been updated. Sorry to see that someone else has been affected, edgarpoole. The good news is that it has never happened to me again. As I recall I wasn't running an anti-virus at the time, but swiftly downloaded one thereafter. I used Kaspersky for a while but then moved to Lookout. Either they have kept me safe, or the issue simply never recurred.
  2. Thanks for looking anyway guys. Sadly that was me on XDA. Looks like this hasn't happened to anyone else. Hope it stays that way.
  3. Something really wierd happened to my SGS2 on Sunday. All of a sudden I lost all of my files. My SD card and the internal memory were totally erased, but the 2GB system partition remained untouched. However, the wierdest thing of all is that not only was the internal storage wiped, but it was then overwritten by multiple seemingly junk files, each one 1GB in size. These files had no file extension and were named FILL0, FILL1, FILL2 etc, and the fact that they were there meant that I couldn't even deep scan the drive with recovery software to get any of my files back. Can anybody make any sense of this? I thought at first that this was a remote wipe issued by the ActiveSync server at my work, which apparently happens after 3 failed login, however the ActiveSync log files at work show no unusual activity. I also wondered if it could be some sort of malfunction of the wipe out feature from samsungdive.com, but neither of these things go as far as to wipe the SD card or to overwrite the internal memory with junk files. I also ran a Kaspersky Mobile Security scan but that found nothing untowards. I've abandoned any hope of recovering my files, but I'm just intrigued to know what happened.
  4. Hmmm. I wonder if it will be available to ROM'd phones?
  5. There are loads of this type of car holder on eBay now (with different means of attachment e.g. suction cup, vent clip etc etc). I got one the other day and it's a perfect fit. It fitted the generic suction cup arm that I had for my equivalent HTC Hero car holder, so if you've also already got one with the generic 4 clips then you need only pay about £2 for the holder piece.
  6. For anyone looking to buy a car dock, do not buy this one- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT I just received mine tonight and the phone simply doesn't fit. Even if it did fit it would be such a constant hassle to force the phone into it that it still wouldn't be fit for purpose. Avoid!
  7. I get this as well. Videos don't seem to be able to play via the browser. I tested with Dolphin as well as the stock browser but it happens on both. Sorry Paul, is this something that you think you might be able to resolve?
  8. Did we get to the bottom of the inconsistencies with the kitchen? I saw a few people mentioning the same thing I get, where I select Calculator and it doesn't appear, yet I de-select News & Weather but it does still appear. Are these just random dodgy bakes?
  9. Is anyone getting the HSDPA icon? I see "HSDPA icon differentiation" was included in the r7 changelog, but I'm only seeing "3G" in the notifications bar.
  10. Paul, did you get a chance to look at the issue with the SD card "download" folder being wiped on reboot? I'm checked with r9 earlier and it was still happening for me. Cheers.
  11. Paul, Any chance of a fix for the "Download" folder issue in r9? I just loaded r8 and I can see that the "Download" folder on the SD card still gets wiped clean after a reboot. This is the folder that Gmail saves attachments to etc. Cheers.
  12. Good to see it working again, but it's still not letting you download to SD like it used to. Shame. That was handy for having something permanently available to keep the kids amused.
  13. If the zip file on your SD card is called "update.zip" then choose the 2nd line. If it is called anything else, choose the 5th line, which will list you all the .zip files on your SD card to choose one.
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