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  1. Yummy Pi! My society at university is hoping to use some rasberry pis to teach in secondary schools, hope we can get it!
  2. The Vega is rapidly nearing the perfection thanks to newbe5 and co. this honeycomb rom is suuuuper duper smooth and I'm rarely running into any bugs/FCs. One thing I would love to see is the perfect accelerometer fix from corvus5 on this rom to play Riptide GP (EPIC GAME) right now its a bit snappy. Also I was wondering if anyone managed to get USB pen drive working? I put my vega into host mode (back button method) and then stuck the pen drive in and the LED came on but as soon as I press File manager everything froze. Would've loved to saw how tron 720p (from my mates USB) looked on my vega today but ah well :P
  3. I've notice that the Youtube app doesn't seem to be able to play any videos in which HD is available. It wont even play it in 480p, just says cannot play this video. Anyone else experienced this problem?
  4. Miren Browser - off topic
  5. Can further confirm there is no snap axis on the vega like there is on my desire, uploading to youtube now. Here's the link:
  6. Please incorporate these changes into the mainstream Vegacomb rom, I won't call this "Hijacking" because it is making improvements but for the good of the community I suggest working with corvus and newbe5 as opposed to working separate. As your name implies rebel1 you don't have to be rebellious :rolleyes: in the end we're all rebellious hacking this bad boy onto our devices :P
  7. Does the polaris office suite work for anyone? It FC's everytime i try to create a new doc/spreadsheet/presentation
  8. You mean in CWM recovery? I was talking about in normal system
  9. the Beta installed fine for me, went back to stock 1.09 then installed ganjaman's add on- got rom manager - rebooted into recovery and flashed this gem of a rom :unsure: This might be a noob question but how do I enable USB storage, I can't seem to find the option when I connect vega to USB.
  10. In my honest opinion and after playing with a few other honeycomb tablets in PC world today, I would put the extra investment up and buy an Asus Eee pad transformer. It's superior to the Vega (as much as I love it) in every way, especially when it comes to screen quality. My God the screen on the transformer is gorgeous. I totally hate UK gadget prices compared to the US, the transformer costs £380 at PCworld (maybe can go as far as £350 on ebay) but you can order from America for $399 plus shipping which would be around $50 which converts to around £280 but the US is having big stock problems with the transformer. Ah I feel I've made this reply a bit too anti-vega but I honestly do love my vega and tinkering with it etc. but to a new buyer I would highly recommend the transformer.
  11. Is everyone having the same problem with flash (inc. 10.3) the video is not showing up but the audio is working and when I press the fullscreen button on videos (I guess where it is) the fullscreen version works but not in browser. The gallery and music and 3d photo viewer app isn't able to find any images, was working fine in alpha3?
  12. For some reason File station tablet is always failing to install, going to reboot and try again. Edit: works :unsure:
  13. Is everyone using the stock browser? The about:debug method works but it I have to do it everytime the browser/device reboots :S Is there any 3rd party browser which works? I've tried Dolphin browser HD and that doesn't have an option to turn off the openGL. I also had some issues with setCPU (restored with titanium) it kept on FC and the Launcher also kept on FC. Tried Virtual tennis 3D and worked perfectly so 3D graphics is all good I guess :unsure: Man honeycomb is amazing!
  14. Amazing work guys!! That is damn impressive. So I guess now it needs some graphics acceleration and the rest of the system apps. The vega internal memory is a squeeze I can imagine. Good luck! Looking forward to trying it out and making some donations as time = money :unsure: :)
  15. I can confirm that using google voice search I'm not getting any accurate results. I'm on corvus5 but I think this is down to bad hardware.
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