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  1. My Sofiz case has arrived too with what looks like damage from a heavy weight sitting on it particularly the volume button side. Unfortunately it's splayed outwards so the case doesn't fit properly that side, might have a go trying to squash it back the other way and/or try a bit of heat. n.b. I didn't get any tracking number either.
  2. That's what I thought when I read the OP, now CM7 is GEN2 surely those lib files will already be in there.... just downloaded n41 and sm4tik is correct they're the same!
  3. Mike_P

    Weirdness - adb device offline... WTF?

    Might be worth checking in Windows TaskManager to see if you've more than 1 adb.exe running under the Processes tab. If so try killing them all then retry to adb in.
  4. To quote the great Alan Partridge "Unbelievable". :D
  5. I don't suppose you noticed what it was generally like before you updated to Gen2, also hope that's not with '2G only' selected because I'm afraid that's a pretty weak signal level, could be worse (but not much).
  6. I'm no expert but where is the command to extract the binary?
  7. Mike_P

    OMG All get rid of CM7!

    BOOBIES ARE BACK IN!!!!! And may I say what a fine looking pair they are. :D
  8. The root problem is because whoever did those images didn't do them properly. If you look in your decompiled drawable-hdpi-v4 folder those files will probably be showing as 0 KB in size. Really you either need to find some properly done images (perhaps from another theme) or redo them yourself and then copy them to the decompiled drawable-hdpi-v4 folder to enable the APK to be rebuilt.
  9. Bl1nk's been using it in his experimental cm7 kernel, to quote him... As for the wifi module rebuild I dunno, Jacob obviously thinks it's something that's worth doing. Edit2 :- Woohoo it's in and merged, bring on nightly 26 lol. :(
  10. Looks like Jacob's having another go at getting his 'smartass' governor and wifi module rebuild approved, been a few days since we've had any blade specific updates. :D Edit :- just checked back after I posted and it's been rejected again. :(
  11. Yes that's easy enough, snag is they might fiddle with the code in the next nightly which overwrite the change. Having said that it looks like they haven't changed anything that would affect this since at least nightly 18, (I don't have all the nightlies to check for sure).
  12. Your sensor seems to be a bit less sensitive than mine, probably down to good old ZTE QC lol. This might hamper attempts for a 'one size fits all' set of values, the good thing is you can set your own personal values. All CM needs to do is make sure the each array has the same # of values (1 less for the 'config_autoBrightnessLevels' array of course). I know 1 of the nightlys I had did this wrong and would FC when trying to edit them. With all due respect to Lance and his lux meter the only thing you need to take note of is the 'Sensor (filtered/raw)' value, this is your own 'lux' meter. It's accuracy isn't particularly relevant as long as its value rises and falls depending on light level. The button back light seems to be either on or off so the value used is irrelevant and as noted in most cases only needs to be set on the first level.
  13. I believe that's the sampling rate in µs, therefore they're reducing the sampling frequency. Looks like they're going to use the default values that all the other ROMs I've seen use, (sampling_rate/up_threshold/down_threshold).
  14. I used this fine on Froyo but on CM7 it just doesn't record any current usage at all. I'm still on RC1 and I do wonder if the voltage reading bug (3/4mv) could be affecting this though.

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