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    Will the Nexus 4 be £389.95?

    He's a hint and how I did mine. Called P4U store and asked if they had any instock. Went down to the store and they refused to give it me Sim Free. Then I explained that I called Customer Services who said I could pick it up Sim Free in store, and when I called the store to check the stock, they said it was in. They simply turned around and said "Well if Customer Services have said its OK, then you can have one." Walked away with a Sim Free phone
  2. Evostance

    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    Paid with Visa via virtual Mastercard? Whats that about?
  3. Evostance

    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    Put in your US address on the UK card, and then log onto Wallet online and change it back to the UK address. Try it and see if that works?
  4. Evostance

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    Im using the Galaxy Nexus and was born near Florida :)
  5. Evostance

    HTC announce the 'HTC Evo 3D' for Europe

    No really a big deal then, especially when devices such as the Desire HD are still performing well on Sense 3.0. The HD2 is still chugging along fine and thats 3 years old now. I see no need to upgrade at the moment unless ICS requires higher spec hardware. Google better pull something out of the bag with ICS, Android development seems to have slowed down as of late.
  6. I have just complied this Step-by-Step guide on how to root your Desire HD. I by no means created the root, I simply used my own and others knowledge to put this guide together to help everyone. Step By Step Guide http://www.multiupload.com/1UFOZTBOZQ See the main thread for details on the root: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=805327
  7. Evostance

    [DEV] HTC Bootloader Access

    Well aware it probably wouldn't work. We're currently looking at rebuilding Clockwork Mod for the Desire HD http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=818005 :)
  8. Evostance

    [DEV] HTC Bootloader Access

    Is anyone brave enough to try loading Clockwork Mod onto their Desire HD? It might brick your phone, however it's covered under warranty since its still rooted and the original bootloader so just take it back for a swap. Download Clockwork Mod: Anyway, just boot into recovery (Vol-Down + Power, then select Recovery) Then press Vol-Up + Power and select Apply sdcard:update.zip If it loads into a black background with green writing then take a photo or let us know. You should just be able to reboot your phone after by removing the battery.... HOWEVER, I take no responsibility if this bricks your device! By trying this you understand and agree that I am not responsible for any negative outcome

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