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  1. Wow, seems great :D Are you having problems with draining battery? =)
  2. Really nice that you can clock the phone that much, how is the battery time when you clocked it ?
  3. Sometimes when im writing sms the hardware keyboard is doing caps on ÅÄÖ but not on anything else i write, anyone else had this same problem?
  4. That will not charge the phone as AC, only as USB, so its mosly useless! All charger stuff that can charge 1A for apple products is useless!
  5. I thought my battery was useless at first too, but then i tryed the Desire Battery trick and it got very good. I can manage to have my battery last for 24h with active sync/3g, and if i have that option off, then it will last a very very long time. A recalibration of the battery is key in the phone showing current batterytime though! I have an OSF with FLB r2
  6. I was wrong though, my charger also is a 700mA charger. The phone can be charged in 750mA though, dont know why they have chargers that only supports 700? Skerved in the swedish android forum (Swedroid) made a test of the phone where he had his testlab at 7A and a voltage of 5V and had a multimeter where he saw the Amps being in use by the phone. Check it out and say what you guys think =) http://www.swedroid.se/forum/showthread.php?t=23870
  7. The first charger will probably work(i have little confidence in priate chargers though), if you buy it, then reply back on this thread =) Great! :P That is probably the case yes =) The ZTE Blade charging circuit can take charges up to 750mA, i really dont know why the charges that comes with the blade is at a rate of 700mA? I got my ZTE Blade from GB a couple of months ago and i got a 750mA charger. The difference between usb charge and AC charge is HUGH! If you guys want to see what you are charging with (AC or USB) then go to About phone and then Status, and then it will show =) Happi Camping :D
  8. The Blade WILL NOT charge its full capacity with the Apple charger, even though it says it charges with 1A on the charger! The thing with Apple chargers is that the Data+ and the Data- isnt connected to eachother, so you will only get half of what it said on the charger. When you buy a replacement charger, DON'T BUY A CHEAP ASS CHARGER. All HTC chargers that supports over or equal to 750mA will work, that also includes the HTC carcharger! Happy hiking!
  9. Ive always downloaded the roms without "premium" before, and i think you could download them without the subscription aswell.. but then you will not get the option to choose what to install with the rom.. =) Awesome comment aswell ;)
  10. Flibblesan: I have been using FLB r1 for a long time now and i am really happy! Can i update with the r5 without wiping and resetting the phone? Thanx!
  11. Hello! Anyone got any god link's to kitchens?
  12. Wasnt this phone only going to be sold in england, france and spain from the beginning? :S
  13. Oh, sorry, but that lockscreen looks good but i guess its the same as on the Sony Ericsson X10, and if it is, its Terrible! I would rather stick with the standard or switch over to the HTC style one where you drag it down =) Great work Paul and all the other Dev's! Greets from Swe!
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