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  1. Any idea why when I try to add an account, the phone crashes and reboots?
  2. I wiped everything there was to wipe in TWRP haha. All menus with "wipe", I did it :P Alright, when I Get tired of CM9 I'll try it again. Too lazy now, already setup everything on CM9 hehe. Thanks!
  3. Hey Ainillia, nice ROM! The problem I'm having is that it says com.android.phone keeps crashing. I cleared the cache, factory reset, and dal cache and then flashed and it still wont work. If I try to put CM9, same process, I don't get this error. I would rather use your rom cause it seems lighter. Any ideas? Thanks :)
  4. WiFi not working on 1.18.19. Any idea Lens? This is the only MIUI rom that connects to my provider, so I really want to use this. EDIT: Fixed, just reflashed it again and it seems to be working fine. Awesome release man!
  5. How do I do that? Once the phone starts up I get a constant "the process com.android.phone has stopped working" until I turn airplane mode on. Ideas?
  6. I really want to use this rom, but it's not connecting to my provider (Fido). Can anyone explain to me how to fix this?
  7. I really want to use this rom, but it's not connecting to my provider (Fido). Can anyone explain to me how to fix this?
  8. Experiencing a couple problems: 1. Upon boot, takes around 5ish minutes for the phone to connect to a network 2. Cannot turn on Wifi.. just says "error" I've flashed it twice, same results. Any ideas?
  9. Hey guys, I'm unable to use a different keyboard than the stock one on LCR-Froyo. I've tried using better keyboard, but it doesnt seem to replace it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  10. Wow sir, you are amazing! I've been trying the camera + vol- + power combo, with no sign of it connecting. Thank you SO much, best regards!
  11. I was trying to root the phone using the method from unlockr, and my phone rebotted and is now stuck on a black screen after the acer logo. What can I do? I cant get into boot loader, it just shows the acer logo then goes black edit: ive got it to go into boot loader by pressing the buttons right before the acer logo shows up.. then it shows this: Partition checksum splash1:chksum =8ba9da08 OK boot:chksum=338dd7f1 !=001ed108 **fail** recovery:chksum=2b8b7b4b !=00216b18 **fail** system:chksum =f599c9d0 OK ======== <<FAIL>> Main problem is even if I plug in the usb, my computer doesnt reconize it what shall I do?
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