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  1. jafp

    Lewa os

    Congratulations! good job, but unfortunately the system is a little slow and have some force closes, it looks nice and have a lot of customization with the different themes.
  2. jafp

    Lewa os

    Is this rom working in out u8230? What are the issues?
  3. Great news :) i wish you good luck with your work and thanks for your dedication to our device u8220/u8230!
  4. i think you are the only dev to keep u8220/8230 live :) i still use my u8230, great phone.
  5. Not here. i already use that rom for a long time and did not had that problem. I suggest you to try Styx (2.2) or Onyx (2.3)
  6. In my opinion is 2.2, Styx http://www.modaco.com/topic/352273-rom-styx-cm6-updated-2012-05-25/
  7. Twrock, I regret that your pulse is broken, it is very sad Thank you for all the support and all the work you did on this forum! For lack of time I never wrote much on this forum but thanks to you I learned a lot. The world needs people like you who try to help others. Just for curiosity, could you tell which phone you bought and if you are satisfied with it? I hope you are.
  8. Thanks for keep the development for U8220/U8230, i wish you have sucess
  9. Thanks for your help, I tried with Apn OnOff but i only have success to send a mms when i enable data, i think i will try with a clean installation of gingerbread (CM7).
  10. I tried some theme but without success. I tried a old theme of gingerbread that i used in the rom CM6 Plus along time ago and i tried a theme from lloco73 in this post http://www.modaco.com/topic/355257-theme-for-stock-froyo/ . The result was the phone not booting anymore, it get stuck in the logo "android" at the beginning. If you find something please let me now. Another thing that i miss from CM7, is the ability to viem battery percentage in the notification bar, as a workaround i´m using the app battery widget so i can view the battery level in the notification bar. If someone knows a better solution or aplication please let me now. Out of topic: I have not seen twrock here for some time, I hope you still walk around here ... if I'm not wrong there are still a few months to get your new HTC :)
  11. With the Gingerbread version (2.3) i can not send mms without activate the internet on my phone, with the Froyo version (2.2) i can do this without activate the internet. In Froyo version, i install a app called APN Portugal and than i have the ability to disable the internet in this application and i enable the option "Data enabled" in "Mobile network settings", This way i can send and receive MMS without using internet. In Gingerbread version this solution does not work, i have already try to play with the mms.apk file from Froyo in Gingerbread but with no success. Anyone have any idea how to solve the problem? PS: i do not won´t to use the internet because here in Portugal the providers charge values ​​that are a steal, it's ridiculous. If you are not from portugal do not install the app apn portugal, it change the mms and internet parameters configuration.
  12. Did you use the app setmacaddress? You should not use this app in .32 kernel, If you did not use, probably you miss some other step.
  13. wrong, our phone is a great phone but with several years and with hardware already outdated.
  14. There is a ICS that is not finished, it was stoped by the developer because of the poor hardware of our phone, it has not enouth memory. That ICS rom it works but only for fun not to use. It would be great if someone try to port Jelly Bean to our phone, but we have to be realistic, it would be only for fun, would be great just so Jelly Bean working in our phone, i think it would never be possible to have this version for daily use.
  15. Did someone find any change log please?
  16. Would be great, but looks like our phone does not have the requirements https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/HardwareRequirements. We only have a Adreno 130 and U8220 do not have 256mb of memory, but yes, why not to try...
  17. Camera will work if you follow this instructions http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/36985-camera/page__pid__326433#entry326433 I think you you will have to give the same permissions for the files you will copy as the files that are in Lib folder, at least i did this and it's working. About kernel, yes it is old but this kernel do not have the bug of changing from a wifi spot to another wifi spot crashing the wifi in the phone until a reboot, this only happens in .32 kernel if you have wifi always on. I did not find any place with the changes that have been done in this cyanogenmod versions, if some one find please let me know.
  18. Would be possible to share the file in other place? I have already register in the russian link but then i get stuck in here http://ints.ifolder.ru/?auth_error=1 . i tried with google translate but is not helping.
  19. jafp

    kernel 2.6.32

    I confirm, in Styx (CM6 2.6.32 kernel) i have the same problem, it looks that in this kernel the wifi is not at 100%.
  20. jafp

    kernel 2.6.32

    Just to share the way i found to flash the kernel from Destructor: - copy the boot.img to sdcard - in Terminal Emulator on the phone, use the command "flash_image boot /sdcard/boot.img" It works with Onyx. I have a problem that i think it´s with 2.9.32 kernel. When i have wifi enable and i move with my phone to another place where i have another wifi router, my phone won't change to this router, wifi crash and i have to make a reboot so it will not drain my battery. I use wifi sleep policy with option "Never". If i turn off wifi in one place, than i change to another place with another router and i turn wifi on i do not have this problem. If i use the wifi sleep policy "when scree turns off" this problem don't happen too. It seems that when wifi connect with one router it will not change to another router unless the wifi will be turned off. I did try with and without kernel update from Destructor. This is not a CM7 problem, with CM7 kernel 2.9.29 this problem is not happening. If someone with this problem find a solution, please let me know. I will do more tests, i didn't try with Styx neither with Stock Froyo (in this one i miss cyanogen features, the power control widget from cyanogen is great)
  21. If i change the video quality from high to low i do not have this problems.
  22. The rotation bug was my mistake, the workaround is to disable 180 degrees and 270 degrees in CM settings, leave only 0 and 90 degrees enable, after doing this change is necessary to restart the phone (this was my mistake). I found this in Twrock solution's for the same issue in cm6. i'm loving Onyx, i´m trying adw launcher but i think laucher pro have a better performance, for example, with laucher pro i can use "cube" transitions without any lag, with adw this kind of transitions are slow.
  23. i had that problem in the first time i open google play, after a reboot it didn't happen again. Until now i only detect two bugs: - video record at high quality - it crash the app and corrupt the video file, the workaround is change the video record to low quality - rotation - after some time it don't work, i had try several things but it didn't work, the workaround is put the rotation options in the power control widget so i can easily disable and enable the roation. Desalesouche, i pretend to test your tweaks to boost wireless, but until now i didn't have the time. Thanks for sharing those tweaks.
  24. Please try to enable JIT (cyanogenmod settings - performance - enable Use JIT) and see if the green screen is solved. I was using the CM7 from pier with JIT enables and i never see that green screen, even in the older version's of CM7 i never had that green screen. Only a few days ago i try to disable the JIT in CM7 pier's rom and in the reboot it get stuck, sometimes it reboot ok but the i have that green screens, i though that was happening because i did something wrong. But then i install the CM7 from twrock (thanks one more time for twrock work!!!) and i notice the green screen too. In CM7 twrock rom i enable JIT and until now is working great. About camera, to make video i have to change the quality of video to low and i have no problem. I hope you guys don't give up from CM7 rom, i steel believe that we will have a stable CM7 rom.
  25. If i change the video record quality from high to low i do not have this problem, i can play my recorded videos without any problem, i have done some tests and until now it's ok. I tried the solution of desalesouche "the only thing i could find is:in build.ro you write 30000000 instead 10000000 and you can make video hq with camera in ro.media.dec.jpeg.memcap=10000000 you put instead 30000000 " but for me it didn't work, the camera crashe at high quality. twrock, i hope some day we will have a CM7 rom version from you with some of your magic I think it will have to be this year, since next year you will probably change to another phone, i think i read it somewhere (i hope not). Just kidding, you deserve for example an htc one x for free.
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