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    zte blade
  1. dont see a dl link for that tho unless i'm being blind...
  2. peterc_drs

    Stage UI?

    looks nice
  3. awesomeo might give em a go, thanks
  4. love to try the htc keyboard out on 2.2 if you got a link...? btw how did you get it to work out fo interest?
  5. peterc_drs

    Music Jumping / Skipping

    gforums 2.2 rom works fine for me, no music skipping / jumping any more like i used to get with the stock 2.1
  6. have been able to use wifi for some market stuff and some not for some reason
  7. i seem to be able to connect to the market ok with 3g but wifi doesnt connect at all with any of these 2.2 builds for me, trys to connect then off then on ect

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