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  1. Hia, Try here for the ver 4 setup https://www.dropbox.com/s/2vz5n97g05ikjrr/VT4setup.exe and for the update to 4.1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6evh5dkzztk4vy7/VT4.1%20Update.zip
  2. Hi - sorry for the noobie question but I'm new to Windows mobile - if I already have the game on xbox live like plants vs zombies do I have to buy it again for the mobile or can I just install it? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I've just been moved from android over to windows by my company and I'm mostly looking for a file manager app (like 'es file explorer' or 'astra' on android) for FTP & windows share mapping sms filter (like Go SMS on android) to make texts from certain numbers silent music player and media player - or is the default one the best? sports results (mostly concerned with uk, international and champions league footie realtime scores) Anything else your using really I can't find much of any use in the marketplace? so far I've found :- RAC traffic - very good for UK traffic updates (free) supertimer - simple stopwatch and timer functions (free) Flashlight-X - turns the flash into a torch with compass and built in sos (free) simpleXBMCRemote - very basic but quick & stable remote for XBMC (free) Thanks, worto.
  4. I've got the same one from Argos after advice from here - works perfectly.
  5. Thanks for this it worked for me too - I cleared the data for the market app but that didn't help so I cleared the data for the play shop app then it installed fine. Now I can upgrade Robotic Planet to the full version :) Cheers, worto
  6. tempted to buy another one at this price! pc world ebay outlet
  7. Sorry to ask such a basic question but how exactly do I root install cerberus - I take it thats different to just downloading it from the market? I'm on CM-7.1.0 ROM with CWM v5.0.2.0 Thanks, worto.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Tried using usb, smb and dropbox to copy them over - I've managed to replicate the problem on my OSF phone now too - I'm happy that the files on the device are fine. It works fine when I just import 1 folder into the 'My docs' section but when I import all of my folders which contain pdf files Dir structure like this /Documents/aaaaa/aaaaa.pdf /Documents/aaaaa/bbbbb.pdf /Documents/bbbbb/ccccc.pdf etc etc If I import the aaaaa dir then it all works fine but if I import all of the Documents dir which contains 26 sub directories each with 1 or 2 pdf's in then I get problems with almost every file I open - I'm not sure I explained that very well but do any of you have a similar setup or is there a better way to do it? Well not so much import I guess they are just like shortcuts. Strangely it seems to work fine if I just put one directory at a time into the 'my docs' section.
  9. Thanks - I've had a look - it doesn't look as good as ezpdf but I may give it a try if I can't get this working, at the moment I'm just trying to find out if others have it working, if it works OK for everyone else I can try a ROM reflash. Cheers.
  10. Hi, Has anyone got this working? I get various errors with almost all of my pdf files stored on either the internal memory or on a usb stick but they open fine with adobe reader (it's just not as good an app) The errors I get all point towards damaged or invalid pdf files but I know they are OK as they open OK on the pc and haven't been corrupt during transfer because they open OK with the adobe app? edit - some files just won't open while other open but appear too currupt to read, others seem to make the whole app force close :( Any ideas? Cheers, worto.
  11. as garethp has suggested have you tried a new usb cable? I haven't managed to get to a poundland yet to test theirs but my blade now only charges using the official cable that came with it or my mates official HTC usb cable that came with his phone. I've tried loads of others but none seem to work, I'm fairly sure my phone used to charge from any cable so no idea what caused it. I'm hoping to check out the poundland ones when I pass one as I've seen quite a few people say they work fine.
  12. yeah sure - check out post 10 and 11 on the thread I linked to above 10 is someone asking ' I'm still running Vegacomb 9n update 3 - can I use this to get full screen..??' 11 is a link to a zip file I just copied that zip file to the root of my sd card then rebooted into recovery mode and chose install zip from sdcard - chose the zip file - waited for the complete message then rebooted again and I now have Vegacomb 9n update 3 but with full HDMI :) very happy - I don't want to switch to honeyice yet as I like a nice stable rom or my girlfriend moans too much! hope that helps - let me know how you get on. worto.
  13. never mind I think I've found it now - I'll test it out over the weekend. My link
  14. Hi - I read somewhere that there was a fix for this that didn't require flashing to HoneyIce but just a zip I can flash over vegacomb 9n v3. I can't find it now - could anyone point me to it please. Thanks, worto.
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