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  1. My Blade power button went and I bought a Desire instead, I then decided to see if Orange would fix it under warranty and they did so now I have a blade I have no use for. They just replaced the main bit of the phone, I have my original back cover, battery, accessories, etc. I now want to sell the phone and am wondering if its worth more if I unlock it and install a Froyo or Gingerbread ROM or will people prefer I leave it stock? The sold prices on ebay seem to vary greatly so I cant really gather from that what is better. Thanks, Simon
  2. I have never heard of a mobile phone contract where you have to return the phone at the end, are you 100% sure you have to return it? If you really need to flash to stock try an search of the Blade forums, theres lots of information there.
  3. I tried again last night and this time they said it was a fault and they would swap it for a new one today! I spent allnight flashing it back to stock. Will they want the whole phone, box, receipt, accessories, etc?
  4. I just tried calling about my broken power button, I think this must be due to a manufacturing defect. The guy said they wont cover it and he had asked another team and they said it wasnt covered if it was OK when I bought the phone. When I asked to speak to that team he hung up.... I will try again another time.
  5. I am also thinking of upgrading as my power button is broken, that Acer sure is tempting, here are the specs back to back: http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=3391&idPhone2=3519#results
  6. Do you still have the intermittent issue when you take the back of the phone off and press the button itself. I had a similar issue so bought a new back from ebay for about a tenner and it is fine now.
  7. Try looking in the very useful post stickied in the ROMs forum from StevenHarper.
  8. I just ordered mine, came to £3.25 with the cheapest postage option at todays exchange rate, not bad!
  9. Did you have the same issue when on stock ROM? Try reverting to stock and seeing if you have the issue then?
  10. Its not an app its a method, try doing a search and reading some of the stickied posts.
  11. I thought my power button was faulty but when I took the back off the power button worked fine so I just bought a new back from ebay and now it works fine, do you get the issue when you take the back off and click the actual button?
  12. Thanks for all your work wbaw, I just donated you a small amount of money. I appreciate the extra space I now have for apps and how easy the whole process was.
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