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  1. pilmenb

    [Development][ROM] cm9

    Спасибо за gapps +)
  2. pilmenb

    [Development][ROM] cm9

    Perhaps I should say please feel free to start. By the way google apps may work on other firmware like on cm 2.3.7 check will tell.
  3. pilmenb

    [Development][ROM] cm9

    Excellent work, I'll start testing on Monday.
  4. pilmenb

    kernel 2.6.32

    Good day! Dear pier11 and dr.flo! Is there a working version of firmware or a backup copy on a 32 core with the latest changes and want potestit posmotert firmware as a show with an optimized kernel. If you please lay out would be very thankful!
  5. pilmenb

    kernel 2.6.32

    Ok now test

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