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  1. Here I am again :) I've got phone today from service (not official LG service), repairman just manage to wake up phone so I can turn it On, but when I turn it I get black screen with message on it ''download mode''. Now computer recognize phone when I plug it, and I tried to update or flash it with kdz updater but have no luck I launch kdz in emergency mode, load rom with updater, press launch button, and process started, (get messages unpacking software etc.) but after 3-4 minutes I notice that computer is blocked I couldn't do anything with mouse pointer, and I waited 15 minutes but computer is still blocked, even time on computer is stopped. I tried this procedure few times, every time it is same. Also tried to disable lg virtual modem in device manager. Any idea what I could do ? p.s. repairman in service told me that he tried it to flash it with riff box, process started but after few minutes if stopped and blocked his riff box p.s.2 when I plug in usb I also got this message as in picture ''driver instalation'' in the middle never ends installing software, is it important ?
  2. I can't wake up phone, I've tried vol up + power for 5 sec, but no response :(
  3. No I cannot go back to download mode, I also check out my battery it's ok. When I plug phone to usb there is no notification that device is input. p.s. my os is win 7 64 bit
  4. I pulled of battery hold down volume up button, home button and search button then power back in, but still no response
  5. I disconnected phone from usb and pull out battery and now I cannot turn on phone, I tried to push vol down + power for 5 sec. Any idea what should I do now? I hope I didn't brick my phone :(
  6. I have v2.1 on LG 540, I followed instructions exactly, but I am stuck at number 8, I did this: 8- Now clic “Launch software update”, DO NOT USE THE PC TO THE PROCESS IS COMPLETE. THE PHONE WILL REBOOT WHEN FINISHED THE PROCESS IN KDZ. (The process takes about 15 minutes in KDZ). and about 2 minutes text log writes and stopped, I am now waiting more then 40 minutes my phone didn't reboot. On display is still written download mode, what should I do now ? In kdz is written: 3GQCT: wParam = 205. IParam = 36
  7. imam trenutno V20b verziju, medjutim nesto sam cackao sa z4root i pobrisao neke guglove aplikacije pa mi sada ne radi market ;) da li sada mogu sa ovom procedurom iz teme nabacim neki drugi firmware, npr. 20D ? ili mi predlazete nesto drugo ? p.s. ovaj ruski 2.2 mi se jos ne nabacuje dok ne budu sve osposobili
  8. hvala, probam i ja to kad budem imao vremena :)) inace sam prije nekoliko dana nabacio verziju baltik 2.1 i sad gledam ovu tacku pod brojem 8 ja nisam bio odabrao type 3GQCT vec sam ostavio ono prvo ponudjeno, valjda nisam nesto mnogo zeznuo :) p.s. moj savjet ovo govorim iz licnog iskustva, kada budete spajali racunar sa mobitelom ukljucite usb u onaj utor iza racunara jer se manje koristi od ovih naprijed (bar ja ga manje ili skoro nikako ne koristim). Ovo govorim iz razloga sto sam imao problem prilikom upgrade-a na 2.1 , upola apgrejda mi zastopao mobitel, sad da li je to u pitanju bilo ili nesto drugo ne znam :(
  9. Thank you very much, I am thankful for your post :)
  10. Thank you for your advice, I somehow manage to upgrade to 2.1. Here is what I did, first I disabled LG android modem on my computer, then I plug usb in back of my computer (not in front usb slots, maybe they where in bad condition) and then I started upgrade to 2.1
  11. People help me, I took phone lg 540 about 2 days ago, and I just tried to process the upgrade to 2.1 as described, but procedure took over 15 minutes with blue screen on for 8-9 minutes and nothing was happening, so I clicked on ?????? and then I got some message on my computer that there was some error. I disconnected my phone from computer while the blue screen with text ''emergency'' was still on phone. I tried to turn off my phone but I couldn't, so I remove the battery and turn it off, when I tried to turn it on, it comes only till part where is LG logo and that is all. I cannot turn on my phone anymre :) What should I do now ? Pls help :) P.S. When I was upgrading I forgotten to put usb in debugging mode :(
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