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  1. Where can you can get a new housing like in the pic, my SF has a lot of scratches now and i would love a new white housing for a change. Cheers, Ray
  2. Moboplayer is nice, but since i prefer converting to formats that can play natively on the blade, i find mvideoplayer better.
  3. Anyone willing to update the convertor for CM 7.0.2?
  4. Waiting for some one to make an updated version of kallt_kaffe's converter for 7.0.2, so i can update while staying on Gen1.
  5. @kallt_kaffe, does this install a pre-compiled kernel for us gen1 folks? If yes, will you be keeping it updated with the changes to the CM7 kernel? Awesome work btw, i was going to upgrade to Gen2 this weekend purely for CM. Would be great though, if you can work with the CM team to have this implemented into their rom itself? Again, Thanks kallt!
  6. ^Does it even work on ARMv6? The graphics look stunning though.
  7. ^flibblesan built his kernel from the zte source, as did the CM7 team and hecatae linked to his source above.
  8. Newer kernel? We are still on .32 even for CM7, there hasnt been a newer kernel than what's in Flib's rom. Oh and try live wallpapers that are a bit cpu intensive. P.S: All i'm trying to say is that 2.3 is better than 2.2, nothing against flibblesan :)
  9. I doubt the current launchers adw & lp are completely optimised for running on Gingerbread. I use the xperia arc launcher and it's smooth as butter with live wallpapers running. That alone tells me that 2.3 is miles better, as i could not have any launcher show the app drawer or switch screens without stuttering with a live wall in froyo. 2.3 in my opinion is much better than any 2.2 roms we have.
  10. Using the xperia arc launcher modded for WVGA res from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...p;postcount=705 It's buttery smooth on RC3.
  11. The gralloc fixes that have been merged, are they to fix the PMEM issue causing the touchscreen freezes?
  12. ^Flash requires an ARMv7 processor, and as much as you will probably hate me for saying it, SEARCH!!!
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