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  1. I have been unable to update because my phone is rooted so I want to ask if anyone has been able to root after the update in May/June then root again, or what are the options for doing so? Thanks
  2. Had a good look at weekend at other phones not in use, couldnt find anything like it. Its not a phillips but has looks like it needs a special screw driver. Anyway Ive just noticed the bin on the phone is the 4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1_A22F_A_256 which is an official one I believe.
  3. Hi. My market app seems to have disapeared and I dont know how to recover it without reseting the phone. Does anyone have any idea how please?
  4. After I started this thread I did notice some one who said they had returned their flashed phone to Acer and they still repaired it. What concerns me now is one of the screws under the battery cover is missing though I have never opened this phone.
  5. I have to send my phone back to Acer as there is a fault developed where the internal speaker doesnt work on telephone calls. They have requested I send it to them. However I have rooted my phone and used a custom rom, does anyone know how they will respond to this when they receive it? Regards
  6. The 2.2 256 4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1
  7. This is combined with the -phone storage is low on space message. Any downloads has been stored on the memory card though.
  8. How do I sort this? My phone is not accepting messages, I have cleared old messages and it is still rejecting incoming messages. What more do I have to do?
  9. Since I upgraded to 2.2 with the custom 256 ROM, there have been a few websites I cannot access as the browser kicks me out. The main website I would like to use but cannot is planet-F1.com. Anyone know why and how I can solve this please?
  10. The finger swipe to the left was the way in 2.1 but now the theme has changed I dont see such an option.
  11. Thanks very much for all your replys guys. Very, very helpful.
  12. Acers questions and answers indicate it is possible to used customized ringtones but doesnt tell you how. I have been able to use MP3 files for ringtones but not notification ie SMS meggages. Does anyone know if its possible?
  13. Thanks very much for the speedy reponse Hustlin, downloading now.
  14. Does anyone know where I can find an update for the 256 RAM Liquid please as the only one I can find is for the 512? Thanks.
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