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  1. Just an FYI if you install the beta then factory reset, you will not have the beta app and be unable to reinstall it. I was unable to identify why, and have emailed Huawei about it (as I cannot use the app to report the bug....). But thought I would share all that with you on here. Everything else appears to be working perfectly after the factory reset though, so all in all it wasn't a bad move to make, except for the lack of beta app. Remember though, there is always a chance that whatever is causing the beta app to not install might prevent other apps from not installing too, just not any of the apps I have tried.
  2. Well by now your post is 4 hours old so hopefully something happened. The phone can take around 20-25 minutes on first boot, any longer than that and something might be wrong, but it should all work fine so long as you were on a 330 rom to start with, which you say you were.
  3. I suppose I could take the tuesday wednesday or thursday off, but I prefer extending the weekend.

  4. RT @OXMUK: Downloaded Halo 3 for free? You can also get two DLC packs for precisely zero pounds and pennies http://t.co/57w1ZL1VUM

  5. Back on themer! (had to request a new beta code after factory reset)

  6. RT @ColU_Official: We're pleased to confirm that winger @JeffreyMonakana will be staying with #ColU until early December. More details shor…

  7. Always fun having the police ring you at work too - receptionist was snooping.

  8. lunchtime already - wow

  9. At about 2am 2 nights after an arson started nearby in a set of bins at about 2am.... worrying - had to report to police.

  10. RT @DiscoveryUK: Did you know? It is impossible to hum if your nose is plugged.

  11. Call of Duty Ghosts pre-ordered.

  12. RT @skyatlantic: #TheTunnel, which follows detectives from the UK and France as they hunt a serial killer, arrives Wed 16th Oct at 9pm http…

  13. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/phDeBgvkVA Grand Theft Auto V - Stop Firing Rockets At My House!

  14. RT @ShortList: Breaking Bad locations in real actual life #BreakingBad http://t.co/Q3agkik9D1

  15. 1) you just need a custom recovery image installed - TWRP is recommended, to do this you need to be unlocked (bootloader unlocked, not sim unlocked) 2) OTA's will not work, you get notifications but the installation will fail. 3) there are many backup options such as Helium or Titanium Backup - look in the play store for those two apps.
  16. still no ifruit android app oir game manual app - and gta online is out today.

  17. Makes Dexters ending look really poor in comparison, and even that wasn't too bad.

  18. Office and desk cleared so that the techs can swap the computer over this weekend - room now smells of polish

  19. I didn't realise there was an update - I can do though, if I get the time.
  20. Obviously it is happening so we will soon find out how good it is, but still....characters couldn't be any more different.

  21. nothing worse than political promises of a desperate person.

  22. Rockstar Social Club has a proper checklist for 100% completion of GTAV - nice!

  23. RT @alishaw_: @lennyuk I just can't put my finger on whether I like it or not....... Weeeyyy!!!!

  24. Google have removed those fake ifruit apps from the play store, I wonder if they removed the fake BBM ones.

  25. Commonly used phrases in football that I hate include "chomping at the bit"

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