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  1. Try adb shell (enter) Su (enter) Then the command Assuming you flashed root Was you actually using adb or was you trying to run this from your phone using terminal? Are you S-ON? If so did you flash the S-ON package? Did you turn fast boot off?
  2. This might be because /system/app/ is no longer a directory it is a symlink of /system/SWITCH/sense(gpe)/app You will have to remove manually whatever you were trying to do in both roms separately if that is what you wanted. Out of interest what are you looking to remove, could you not just disable them in menu>settings>applications? Removing system apps doesn't help you do anything, it won't give you more space as this is a partition that android won't normally use...
  3. I am sure a firmware update will fix your camera and did you not wipe before flashing SWITCH?
  4. - Chrome should be installed on both roms - Battery drain is as good as it is on stock, if not a bit better - but obviously doing a 'switch' will impact battery as the phone is rebooting, something that always takes a fair bit of power. - Camera works fine for me, and no one else has reported issues so it is just you - you might want to look into your firmware version and if it needs updating, what rom was you on before coming to SWITCH? - as you have already asked and we have already told you, going into recovery on switch for s-on devices is unavoidable this is how it HAS to work, if you want to skip this then you have to have s-off.
  5. Once the beta process is over Paul will be opening it up for devs after which theoretically you can have any two roms together as long as it all fits into the /system/
  6. After you flash the zip you will need to reinstall xposed from within the xposed app once more on each rom and then it should stick, if it doesn't you can follow the manual steps (adb) which are posted a few posts above this one, but the zip should work, it has been extensively tested.
  7. you only need step 4 if you are s-on you only need step 5 if you want root otherwise you are spot on. Remember to follow the instructions in post 1 regarding what to do after you flash.
  8. have you tried flashing the SWITCH xposed zip?
  9. the switch package is required if you want root to stick on both roms.
  10. Sync problems will be you and not this rom - everything works perfectly on beta 8 (and I really mean it, this is not just me talking from experience, it is fact) I would bet that your gmail is syncing, you are just not getting notifications as you need to change your label settings.
  11. Put nova in /system/SWITCH/gpe/app/ and when booted to GPE disable the stock GPE launcher - have no other launchers installed to /data/ When in sense put whatever launcher you want to use in /system/SWITCH/sense/app/ and disable sense (assuming you didn't want to use sense). Then it remembers your defaults.
  12. If you have TWRP recovery rather than CWM it won't ask you to install anything, it just does it - which is why the first post doesn't mention it. TWRP is the preferred recovery of SWITCH.
  13. take a nandroid like normal, it backs up everything, as everything is still stored in either /system/ or /data/
  14. What recovery are you using? CWM? Switch to TWRP to make life easier. As you are s-on it is meant to boot to recovery but it should flash the flip file without you doing anything.
  15. Basically it does the same process just without the visual recovery step - As far as the phone goes it shuts down, boots up (this is where its flashing the switch), shuts down, boots up into the new rom. It effectively does the same as your s-on switch, without taking the time to boot into recovery and flash a physical file.
  16. S-off allows you to write to parts of the phone that you otherwise can't - this then lets us skip the recovery stage - it doesn't really alter your experience at all.
  17. well if you were s-off then SWITCH doesn't boot into recovery, it just effectively shuts one rom down then boots almost straight into the other.
  18. If you are s-on then yes this is how it boots into the second rom. As for kernels, no you cannot flash like normal, earlier in this thread there are instructions to use custom kernels, but beware not all custom kernels will allow for SWITCH to work. For the purposes of this beta it is best just to use the rom as it comes and report any problems you find, if you start messing with files then any bugs you report will not really help in the development of SWITCH.
  19. Regarding messaging - have you attempted to restore any data or apps? Restoring sms's usually causes errors like this - Try to clear data for the messaging apps on both sense and gpe see if that helps. What exactly are you doing when it gives you the com.android.phone crash?
  20. You are s-on you need to flash the s-on zip as well So beta 1, beta 8, s-on and then if you want flash the root package.
  21. I can confirm nor deny that Paul is or is not planning on releasing a kitchen ;-) #lawyer'd
  22. You don't need s-off to flash a custom recovery you just need to have an unlocked bootloader.
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