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  1. Beta 13 comes with a 4.3 GPE side already - there is a small OTA update to that GPE rom that is yet to be included, this is the OTA notification you have been getting - it will fail to install even if you tried to do it. Paul will be providing updates in the future, I do not know when - for a while his life involved around SWITCH and he had no time (aside from his vacation) to do anything other than SWITCH, I assume he is just catching up with other work - this, after-al is his full time job and he has commitments he has to meet so SWITCH has had to take a back seat for the time being.
  2. Played Grand Theft Auto V (360) in the last 24 hours. http://t.co/aZEV84yFkb

  3. We all knew Webber was breaking rules by accepting a lift but 10 places is really harsh!

  4. And that is Cut the Rope Experiments back up to date!

  5. Does it actually fail or are you just not waiting long enough - Push is VERY slow.
  6. Yes it could be the change of kernel, but it also could be something else, if you bootloop again please provide a logcat.
  7. If you update the radio on your One make sure you update to one from an M7_UL variant, flashing a radio from an M7_U may stop LTE working. Try to force LTE via *#*#4636#*#*
  8. both roms are from the M7_UL variant (which is the International LTE variant) - there is no reason in regards the roms as to why LTE should not be working.
  9. Yes you enable NFC in the settings and then it should work - the sensor is just under the camera on the HTC One. If it is still not working for you then you will have to try a full wipe and re-flash as there is no reason why NFC will not work with SWITCH (like I said before, I personally tested it on all versions and use it every day). You will never have an NFC icon on your notification bar whilst using SWITCH (or most generic stock, or custom roms).
  10. This is because 4.3 has a different maps version to older android builds.
  11. The N in the notification bar is a carrier change stock rooms don't have it, it doesn't mean nfc isn't working. I use nfc every day and I have always made sure it works before letting Paul release an update. If it's not working it is something to do with your phone and/or setup and not the rom.
  12. Have you made sure that fastboot is unticked in power settings?
  13. Automatic updating of SuperSU will not cause bootloops but may stop SWITCH from working. To solve just reflash the older SuperSU until Paul updates the zip in the first post. Updating the app should not cause the switch issues but updating the binary inside the app might.
  14. Try to untick "compression" in TWRP if you haven't already that fixed the error for me when I had it. A week or so later I turned it back on and it backed up fine. EDIT: Actually I am starting to think that maybe the files are too large for TWRP to be able to tar (downside of Switch I guess) - I might be wrong, has anyone been able to take a compressed backup in TWRP since beta 10?
  15. I always get that permissions prompt and have done since beta 1
  16. Further is there anyone having issues with b12 bootloops that has never tried a 4.3 sense rom on their One?
  17. Just for the sake of completion what is your CID? Hboot version and OS version as printed on your bootloader screen. Mine is CID: HTC__001 Hboot: 1.54.0000 OS: 2.24.401.1
  18. Well I suppose we can't rule anything out at this time - the trouble is Paul and I cannot reproduce this at all. Are you sure you are using the most up-to-date root package? Can you try installing without root and see if that helps or causes the same issues?
  19. Right... another question for you lot with issues How do you deal with contacts - do you use Google Sync for your contacts? What is your current radio version? (baseband)
  20. Is everyone having B12 bootloop issues using a Sim Pin/ Other Pin code? Or is that message just randomly appearing?
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