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  1. I was going to say try "adb reboot recovery" but if your usb is not working....
  2. fantastic, just what I thought he had described anyway
  3. "adb pull" doesn't remove the file from your phone it just makes a copy elsewhere. So if your pushing a file back that is a different name it will be adding it on top of the file you pulled (not sure what process you did...so just some info).
  4. ah great will look when I get home from work, shows me up for not investigating it enough :unsure:
  5. Like said about the "minimum" stated if true would rule out a lot of existing devices, and I don't think google will want to do that.
  6. I am probably being extremely dumb, but the official vega case is supposed to double up as a stand. I have one... but can't work out how the "stand" part works? HALP! :unsure: Thanks
  7. Why we are at it you might as well have mine too. http://www.villainrom.co.uk/forum/content....iew-Advent-Vega
  8. Mine was a non-flash version and the box was closed, and looked closed and the screen cover looked untouched. If you ordered from a real source i.e. a proper shop then I would not worry that yours has been fiddled with, if you ordered "brand new" from somewhere like ebay I would be worried.
  9. I am sure it will be fine, even if there is no official honeycomb we will have a custom one. But these specs seem awfully high and would be against what google generally have tried to do with the android OS. Google don't really want to exclude a lot of devices with their open source OS, so I would not be surprised if these are "recommended" but it works on much lower specs.
  10. yeah if the vegas were in stock I would suggest sending it back for a new one, but at the moment you might be set for quite a wait. The actual LCD might be damaged in which case cleaning it won't be possible and anything you try may further damage the screen. In the case for the second poster, who has the issue under the glass, I would wait for it to be back in stock then swap it over. Contact @Adventvega on twitter to confirm they would do this, or via other means on the myadventvega.co.uk website.
  11. Is it a real mark? Or a stuck or dead pixel
  12. They were missing....strange. all fixed now
  13. After flashing r6 i now have the signal bar on my notifications bar, like a phone. Why is it there, and how can i remove it? Thanks guys
  14. So all you did was flash an RUU and it was all good?
  15. Carphone Warehouse and Clove both also think it will be the 8th now. However expansys UK still seem adamant it will be tomorrow.
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