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  1. To s-off you need to know how to use ADB and then use RevOne The thread and instructions are here - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2314582 The same tool can be used to s-on.
  2. You can easily s-off without rooting the phone, but you need to be aware that some root apps can detect s-off status (somehow...) and therefore you still fail the root check even if you are unrooted. Sky Go is one of these apps.
  3. Xposed will work on 4.3 if you copy app_process from the sense side to the gpe side then ignore any errors that Xposed Settings give you (do not click the error or try to reinstall/update in the Xposed Settings as this will break it).
  4. Titanium backup is the best backup app out there
  5. does it behave this way on both sense and gpe?
  6. Well first thing is to try to remember when you last had it working If it has ever worked on beta 10 (or even if it hasn't) try to wipe and do a clean install - see if it works then? If that doesn't work then install another rom, or and earlier rom one you were certain that it did work on If it still doesn't work....then we might have to start to think it is a hardware issue (but seen as you still say that other apps pick up on the mic then maybe not?)
  7. It is a live wallpaper by the name 'Paperland' https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joko.paperland Although Paul and myself use the 'Pro' version which has far more options https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joko.paperlandpro
  8. Backup from recovery will restore your phone exactly as it is at the time the backup is taken - exactly! so if you play any games etc you will need to make sure you backup those with an app like titanium or you will find yourself a week or so out of date when you restore the backup from recovery. As for going back to stock - just do a wipe/factory reset before flashing the rom and you are fine.
  9. Stock gpe? or is it someone's custom 4.3 that had xposed already bundled with it?
  10. Erm how? The framework is not compatible with 4.3 and produces an error (so modules are not loaded)
  11. Runs a module on boot that disables the r/wr protection that s-on gives.
  12. Sounds like you are having root issues to me Open SuperSU and see if it needs a binary update - if it does select the "normal" method then try to delete the apps in /system/app again.
  13. If you delete from /system/SWITCH/(sense/gpe)/app they won't come back unless you flash the rom again. As for your backup - if they are just user apps then one backup is sufficient, if you are backing up System apps then you may have to backup on both roms.
  14. There is a newly leaked camera app for the HTC One (sense) which has a massively improved focus as well as a "gif mode" for taking animated gifs (zoe does videos before anyone asks) and probably more I have not yet found. I modified a zip to flash and have confirmed it works - flash from recovery when booted in sense. Please take a backup first, I will not be responsible if it doesn't work (but there is no reason why it won't). https://copy.com/VD4qKYFHM6F0 This brings the camera to version 5.1.620655 which is newer than even the Butterfly S camera app that some people started to use last week, and with the benefit of actually coming from a One (leak) it has all the features we expect from our One Camera apps.
  15. Flash beta 1 beta 10 s-off (and root) If that still doesn't work then you will have to wipe and start over.
  16. Thanks this confirms the same as I was having. Paul will investigate at some time soon.
  17. try to exclude waze adb shell touch /data/SWITCH/exclude/com.waze
  18. I just installed waze and it seems to be running fine on sense
  19. It is possible that the waze version you have installed is for 4.3 only - which is why it doesn't work on the sense side - although I am not certain on this fact.
  20. did you try on both sense and gpe? My guess is it will locate you on one rom and not the other. Same for Google Play Web Store, did you try on both roms?
  21. You have a bootloop - did you do anything on the gpe side before you tried to switch back? delete anything, install anything, try to use xposed for example? To fix you will have to press power and volume down to get into recovery then reflash the rom ( try without a wipe first if you want).
  22. use root explorer when in gpe to delete /data/data/com.android.systemui then reboot.
  23. install an app you have never installed before on both ROMS then check Play Store web to see if a device appears (after about 5 mins) if a device does appear install an app from the web to see which of the two roms it installs it on (the app will appear on both, obviously but it will only start installing when you are on a certain rom, this is the rom that Play Store Web is linked to)
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